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AgaveCoin AgaveCoin AGVC ICO

AgaveCoin AgaveCoin AGVC ICO

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 28 February 2019

The AgaveCoin token (AGVC) is a 100% security token to participate and support the multimillionaire business of Agave Industry. Agave is a succulent genus within the monocot family Agavaceae. The plants have a large rosette of thick fleshy leaves, each ending generally in a sharp point, and are native to arid and semi-arid regions from the southern USA to northern South America. The most important commercial species is Agave tequilana grown for production of tequila. Other Agave species has great potential to be developed as a bioenergy crop, bioplastic, cosmetics and medical products.

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AgaveCoin (AGVC) Introductory Video

TOKEN SALE ENDED: 31 December 2018 - 28 February 2019

Ticker: AGVC

Type: Token (Ethereum)

ICO Token Price: 1 AGVC = 0.01 USD

Fundraising Goal: 255,000,000 USD

Total Tokens : 35,000,000,000

Available for token Sale : 70%

Accepts: BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, EUR

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RT @DanielSoliba: @agave_coin pretty excited about this

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25 May, 2019

RT @Mezcaloteca: How to Drink Mezcal, According to an Oaxacan Bartender vía @VinePair

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24 May, 2019

En México lanzan la criptomoneda AgaveCoin para impulsar la tradición de la planta de agave, base del tequila

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24 May, 2019

RT @agave_coin: Agavecoin, la criptomoneda mexicana que impulsa la tradición ancestral del agave | El Economista @eleconomista https://t.c

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21 May, 2019

RT @luisantoniocrag: @agave_coin @eleconomista Me encanta el proyecto! @agavecoin @coinmarketcap @southxchange

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21 May, 2019
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AgaveCoin (AGVC)


 01 March 2019

Excellent   Ratings 5/5

The best cryptocurrency of this days, a token based in a reality busyness. Now.all the cryptos are the could be of nothing, agavecoin is a real projec... Read More

Excellent   Ratings 5/5

The best of the crypto

The best cryptocurrency of this days, a token based in a reality busyness. Now.all the cryptos are t... Read More


31 December 2018 - 28 February 2019
VOTE:      2 

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