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2Give 2Give Ping News

2Give 2Give Ping News

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2give is merging with a crowdfunding site for charities and the coin will be used for utility in the crowdfunds

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21 April, 2019

Does 2Give Have a Telegram or Discord Channel?

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03 January, 2019

my wallet out of sync

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19 December, 2018

Hello Team!!! Let's vote for 2GIVE and get it listed on Leggo team we can do this. Just Go To ( and cast your votes.

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26 September, 2018

2GIVE Updates!

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15 July, 2018

This could help 2GIVE

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25 May, 2018

We created a simple crypto events/announcements calendar website for 2GIVE (2GIVE)

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02 April, 2018

2GIVE $2GIVE can now be tracked on Latest rates, live & historical charts, calculator & portfolio!

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15 March, 2018

Upcoming Event: Update The Blockchain - March 6, 2018

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04 March, 2018

Today's Top Profitable Coin $DOGE Buy below 70 Sell @ or above 88

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01 January, 2018

Brand new facebook for 2give coin

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07 December, 2017

The worth of a thing is the price it will bring.

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04 December, 2017

So is this like, the ultimate shitcoin?

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24 September, 2017

First Cryptocurrency Gift Card Sold at Silent Auction

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26 July, 2016

2GIVE makes offer to swap KARMA

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24 May, 2016

2GIVE to be listed on Bittrex!!

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01 May, 2016

GiveCoin 2.0 has been rebooted and rebranded is better than ever!

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01 May, 2016
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2GIVE is a charity and altruism driven project designed to recieve and make donations, tips and transactions. 2GIVE is a PoW/PoS hybrid, which means users can earn 5% interest on their holdings or mine with computational power and earn transaction fees as a reward. 2GIVE can also be used to produce GiftcCards within the wallet.

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