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AdEx AdEx Ping News

AdEx AdEx Ping News

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Ping from AdEx

AdEx Network now available in the Enjin Dapp browser via the Enjin Wallet mobile app

3 Points
26 June, 2020

AdEx Review Bounty: Write about the AdEx Platform and earn a part of 300 DAI

1 Points
16 June, 2020

about the ADX stake?

2 Points
03 June, 2020

Development Update May 2020

3 Points
15 May, 2020

Most common types of ad fraud that appear on new ad networks

1 Points
23 April, 2020

Interview with AdEx CEO Ivo Georgiev in Crypto&Things by Scott Cunningham

3 Points
18 April, 2020

Development update - April 2020

4 Points
13 April, 2020

AdEx Publisher Case Study: La Iguana TV

3 Points
09 April, 2020

AdEx Promotion: Get 30% cashback on your campaigns between April 6th and May 31st 2020

3 Points
06 April, 2020

Varying Impression Count: Why is That

1 Points
01 April, 2020

Meditations on decentralisation

2 Points
17 March, 2020

New AdEx AdView policies as from 09.03.2020

2 Points
06 March, 2020

AdEx Network featured in this week's Editor's Choice of

2 Points
05 March, 2020

Using blockchain, how exactly does AdEx better combat ad fraud? Also, aside from micropayments, what characteristics of blockchain allow for the reduction of middlemen?

2 Points
27 February, 2020

AdEx Update & Important Announcements February 2020

2 Points
26 February, 2020

AdEx Staking Rewards Distribution Has Started

3 Points
25 February, 2020

Development update - February 2020

2 Points
17 February, 2020

Give us some love on ProductHunt!

4 Points
05 February, 2020

AdEx Network is out of private beta, welcoming everyone to join

5 Points
04 February, 2020

EDCON 2020 Registration is now open for Volunteer ,Sponsorships, Media, Community partner, and Sub-conference organizer. Join me in Vienna April 3 – 7!

1 Points
22 November, 2019

Updated roadmap for AdEx

4 Points
01 November, 2019

October update

4 Points
25 October, 2019

Advertising is dead, long live advertising: Musings on why we believe in ads

2 Points
24 September, 2019

Access code

1 Points
22 September, 2019

Help us win an award!

1 Points
16 September, 2019
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AdEx is a decentralized Ad exchange built on the Ethereum network  Focusing on the entertainment industry and video streaming services and publishers, AdEx aims to replace the traditional digital advertising models by providing a transparent, focused solution for advertisers to collaborate with ad publishers directly, skipping middlemen fees and complications. The platform also ensures that the end user can understand and control the ads delivered to them through the use of the AdEx User Profile personalized page. The AdEx token (ADX) is used within the AdEx Platform to buy or sell advertising space and time. 

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