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Billionaire Token Billionaire Token Ping News

Billionaire Token Billionaire Token Ping News

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Billionaire Token (XBL) Community News & Activities

Ping from Billionaire Token

Updated Whitepaper to version 1.4:

20 December, 2019

Five players in the current round. Much XBL to be burned! Who will win ? Find out in 27 minutes!…

27 October, 2019

Still 4 hours to go and already five players have registered! Get your ticket now at for yo…

10 October, 2019

Only 5 hours left where you can register to the Billionaire Raffle. Head over to now to try…

18 September, 2019

Exciting News: We have just burned 33% of the TOTAL SUPPLY of Billionaire Tokens (1.6 MILLION). This amount represe…

05 August, 2019

One of our users has just burned his entire account's worth of Billionaire Tokens (222,849 XBL): TX ID:…

11 July, 2019

The last EOS-XBL have been sent out today. We will be burning the unswapped tokens shortly, reducing the maximum su…

25 June, 2019

RT @RankingBoard: 05/03 Top 5 #User Incr (24h): 1. Billionaire Token +200% ( 2. FAST +106% 3. CatchTheFrog +100% 4…

16 May, 2019

Swap time?

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08 May, 2019

Billionaire T... Is about to jump over 300% this Year when Bitcoin Halving appear, Get more Trading Signals , Price Signals for Billionaire T...

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23 April, 2019

Have you signed up to play this Raffle round ? Only 9 hours left until ticket registration closes! Go to…

19 April, 2019

RT @101Blockchains: In case you missed our #EOS Decentralized Application Infographic #EOSIO #blockchaintechnology #dapps

16 April, 2019

Only 7 hours left to go from stage 1 of the Raffle. Register your tickets now with Scatter:

15 April, 2019

A brand new feature, "Stake while you can", coming soon for Billionaire Token!

05 April, 2019

We have 420 XBL as a total pot in this Raffle round. 23 hours and a winner will be chosen!

05 April, 2019

RT @EOS_Canada: When Moon? EOS Canada finally has an answer to this all-important question! @block_one_ @a

02 April, 2019

Texas hold'em

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01 April, 2019

The Billionaire Token Raffle is currently in stage 2. If you've registered tokens in stage 1, please head back over…

21 March, 2019

A total of 2639.00875021 XBL has been distributed to 327 users as part of the last batch of Billionaire Tokens give…

12 March, 2019

Only four hours left until users can claim their Billionaire Token #EOS #Airgrab . Did you get yours?

12 March, 2019

Hello Billionaires! Be advised that tomorrow (the 12th of March) will be the last day when you can claim your…

11 March, 2019

Add to your calendar Billionaire Token event: Listing on Chaince (Today)

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13 February, 2019

Billionaire Token is LIVE on the EOS Main Net

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06 February, 2019

Add to your calendar Billionaire Token event: Token Swap (5 February 2019)

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30 January, 2019

Billionaire Token is launching in a week on the EOS Main Net!

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29 January, 2019

The Billionaire Token Coin Swap has just started!

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18 January, 2019

Billionaire Token is going to EOS !

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06 January, 2019

Guide on how to create a Scatter account and link it to the CryptoKylin EOSio testnet

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17 November, 2018

Billionaire Token Games: Raffle & Burner to release in a few days!

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07 November, 2018

Alpha Testing Phase for the Raffle

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23 October, 2018

Raffle Release is scheduled soon

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09 October, 2018

BillionaireTKN integrated with BancorX?

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22 September, 2018

Billionaire Token Joins The Great dApp Exodus...

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15 September, 2018

announcement games

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16 May, 2018

Eos swap

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11 May, 2018

When new exchange as promised?

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18 April, 2018

We created a simple crypto events/announcements calendar website for Billionaire Token (XBL)

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02 April, 2018

Billionaire token etherwallet

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27 January, 2018

Billionaire Token will be added to a new exchange in two-three weeks time. The exchange name is undisclosed for the time being.

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13 January, 2018

New Website is Live !

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20 November, 2017

Billionaire Token ($XBL) – New Website Launch

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19 November, 2017

Last Weeks Kovan Testnet Billionaire Raffle Winners Announced!

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14 November, 2017

200 XBL Twitter Giveaway

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13 November, 2017
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Billionaire Token (XBL) is an Ethereum ERC-20 token, designed and tailored specifically for the gamblers and the smart investors of the crypto world. Most other coins or tokens have some sort of mining system, but Billionaire Token has the exact opposite: It features a deflationary mechanism that destroys some XBL tokens each week via a decentralized raffle.

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