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Bitcoin Private Bitcoin Private Ping News

Bitcoin Private Bitcoin Private Ping News

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Ping from Bitcoin Private

Algo change successful!! $BTCP is now happily churning out blocks on Equihash 192_7! The BTCP One Click Miner can b…

19 October, 2019

Dust off your GPU rigs, Equihash 192,7 inbound! #WeAreBTCP #BTCP #BTC #DeltaDirect

16 October, 2019

RT @graviex_net: Good news: @bitcoinprivate (#BTCP) wallet is back online!

01 October, 2019 has been updated to remove the difficulty bomb. Time to grab those pickaxes and continue to…

15 September, 2019

Difficulty bombs, github activity, and updates....oh my! #BTCP #BTC #fintech #crypto

13 September, 2019

New Community Update is out, we discuss the vulnerability fix and path moving forward.

13 July, 2019

BTCP has a new Treasury team working on cost saving and revenue initiatives. Electrum servers have been reinstated.…

30 June, 2019

An updated electrum server was launched thanks to our wonderful supportive community. If you are experiencing issue…

09 June, 2019

Please see our latest update regarding the new treasury team in place!

06 June, 2019

The coinburn calculations have been verified! The infographic gives the details, the block explorer has been update…

09 April, 2019

RT @OHHHtis: "BTCP developers did not provide us with either the code or the documentation for P2SH-P2WPKH transaction" Emails between @bi

28 March, 2019

RT @TechBalt: LIVE at 4PM EST- The 1 #Bitcoin Show- The #Bprivate side of the HitBTC SCANDAL! Lost coins, listing fees, more!…

14 March, 2019

RT @coinspectator: Bitcoin Private accuses HitBTC of fraud, blackmail following delisting #ethereum #eth #ico https…

11 March, 2019

RT @Cointelegraph: BTCP devs accuse HitBTC of fraud in relation to coinburn

10 March, 2019

Dear #BTCP community - please read the legal letter below, that uncovers @hitbtc and their questionable, unjustifia…

09 March, 2019

RT @cryptoleafwind: @hitbtc When @hitbtc goes over listing applications, is the project whitepaper read? The coin burn was known by you guy…

09 March, 2019

We are aware of @hitbtc correspondence with their users concerning BTCP disintegration. Despite their statement, th…

07 March, 2019

Bitcoin Private is 1 year old now! To celebrate, we've created 100 limited edition, individually numbered, gold pl…

28 February, 2019

Bitcoin Private [BTCP] on Twitter

7 Points
15 February, 2019

bitcoin private to be listed on binance !

2 Points
15 February, 2019

Independent Research Claims to Identify Five QuadrigaCX Cold Wallets

6 Points
14 February, 2019

Bitcoin Private price up +30% today

3 Points
13 February, 2019

Can anyone help me in viewing my BTCP that I acquired from 1:1 Snapshop last year ?

4 Points
12 February, 2019

Trying to move my coins from Electrum and getting an error.

9 Points
12 February, 2019

Coinburn and The New Dev Path Forward – Bitcoin Private – Medium

6 Points
08 February, 2019

BTCP TESTNET Pool - Algo change to 192,7 - Currently testing NEW algo changed TESTNET

5 Points
07 February, 2019

Bitcoin mining explaned : How bitcoins are generated?

0 Points
07 February, 2019

BTCP is vulnerable to an infinite inflation bug

11 Points
06 February, 2019

Malware Attempts to Hack Cryptocurrency Exchange Accounts, Mac Users at Target

2 Points
03 February, 2019

Can't withdraw my BTCP from Electrum wallet - please help

5 Points
01 February, 2019

CounterArguments to Nouriel Roubini FUD at the BEF

3 Points
29 January, 2019

JAKE LEFT THE TEAM. He still controls the GitHub, the TREASURY, and the socials. BTCP Officially Dead??

8 Points
28 January, 2019

BTCP wants to add founders tax after already taking 3 million USD in donations with zero results

13 Points
28 January, 2019

Priorities are still equihash algo change to 192,7. Increasing mining block rewards for miners, to prevent more 51% attacks. The coinburn has already been implemented in previous hard fork. Rebase is in the backburner for now. Still a $7500 bounty for those interested.

4 Points
25 January, 2019

This is a BTC Private FUD page ! This is the REAL page !!! And everything is explained in the last medium update !! Nothing has changed!

6 Points
25 January, 2019

Bitcoin is Broadcasted All Over the World via Blockstream Satellite (API Review)

6 Points
25 January, 2019

Left my BTCP on Bittrex and forgot to withdraw from exchange

3 Points
20 January, 2019

How to tell if one has shielded coins

3 Points
30 December, 2018

Are the bulls back? Charts starting to show a heartbeat.....

0 Points
27 December, 2018

The Banking Cartel and Why Bitcoin is the Answer

1 Points
27 December, 2018

Uber Founder & E-Trade Executives release new crypto trading platform - aiming to gain new users by giving each $25 to start with...

1 Points
25 December, 2018

cant move funds with ledger/electrum. please help!

1 Points
24 December, 2018

New PPS Mining Pool (

7 Points
18 December, 2018
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Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is a Bitcoin hard fork with the snapshot happening on February 28th, the fork will consist of a mix between BTC and ZCL.

BTCP will use ZClassic (zk-snarks). This means payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient and other transactional metadata remain unidentifiable.

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