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BlackCoin BlackCoin Ping News

BlackCoin BlackCoin Ping News

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Ping from BlackCoin

Help us build a more robust testnet!

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03 February, 2019

First Release of Blackcoin More

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20 March, 2019

BLK wallet synchronising

5 Points
07 June, 2020

Making Money with blackcoin

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26 May, 2020

The Blackcoin More client has been updated to v2.13.2.5!

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30 April, 2020

A newly designed beginner-friendly Blackcoin platform

6 Points
29 April, 2020

I need help please!

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29 January, 2020

What is the punishment formula in proof of stake ?

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14 November, 2019


5 Points
15 October, 2019

Ercoin — Initial Burn Offering

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09 October, 2019

Bootstrap The Blockchain - for quicker initial load.

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27 August, 2019

Now crypto will be credited in the accounts every month, as New Zealand tax office makes it legal to pay salaries in crypto and be taxed accordingly.

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14 August, 2019

Blackcoin (BLK) Faucets

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12 July, 2019

Payblk and Insights are back online

6 Points
29 June, 2019

How to recover funds from Payblk, even when it is offline! - Medium

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24 June, 2019

Join the Blackcoin Discord Server!

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31 May, 2019

Roll the Dice and Win blackcoin Now!!!.

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10 May, 2019

Now accepting BlackCoin for payments.

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14 April, 2019

Hello Blackcoin community, we are happy to announce you can now buy Blackcoin with your Credit Card on Anycoin Direct!

12 Points
10 April, 2019

PayBLK -> Recover (Payblk doesnt sync anymore)

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24 March, 2019

Network weight has dropped significantly

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22 March, 2019

Paper wallet extract

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16 March, 2019

Permanent Discord invite link:

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02 March, 2019

Join Blackcoin on Discord!

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14 February, 2019

Anyone can list BLK, but please ask before you start pretending like you are in partnership with other people!

6 Points
12 February, 2019

I have created a blog article on compiling Blackcoin More wallet (Ubuntu Linux)

9 Points
11 February, 2019

New Blog Post! Compile blackcoind.exe with mxe and mingw (BlackHalo version)

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10 February, 2019
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BlackCoin has seen initial success due to its innovative features. The coin has incorporated bitcoin upgrades to reduce transaction risk. The coin initially uses proof of work as well as proof of stake, with the proof of work being dropped after the 10000th block. The advantages of Blackcoins proof of stake is that it has extremely fast transaction confirmation times at ten seconds - compared to bitcoins ten minutes plus. The other bonus is the low energy consumption without PoW mining. Interest is paid annually at a 1% rate - well below the present global average.

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