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Canada eCoin Canada eCoin Ping News

Canada eCoin Canada eCoin Ping News

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RT @elonmusk: Bitcoin is *not* my safe word

10 January, 2020

RT @HodlStyle: David Schwartz mentions Seagate, Amazon, Airbnb & Uber. #XRP #xrpcommmunity #crypto #cryptocurrency

08 January, 2020

RT @girlgone_crypto: What are some common #crypto phrases that are actually worth the hype? I’ll get it started... Not your keys, not yo…

28 December, 2019

RT @BitswiftC: 100% free #crypto #assets generating for you to claim throughout the holidays. Only on Claim #BITS, #BTC

27 December, 2019

RT @HodlStyle: Royal Bank of Canada says #Ripple & #XRP can save financial institutions 46% per payment. #xrpcommmunity

12 December, 2019

RT @textfiles: A thread about Internet Archive's "Silent Killer" and why you should both donate to @internetarchive this month (https://t.c

12 December, 2019

RT @mynamesnotgordy: "It's the first time we know of in Canada that either a province or the federal government has passed a law of this ty…

11 December, 2019

RT @Animalsandfools: Meanwhile in Canada

10 December, 2019

RT @spectatorindex: World's happiest countries, 2019. 1. Finland 2. Denmark 3. Norway 4. Iceland 5. Netherlands 6. Switzerland 7. Sweden 8…

10 December, 2019

RT @KyleMacLeanX: Just upgraded my phone & lemme tell you, switching Google Authenticator is a real B. Whatever you do, don't get rid of yo…

25 November, 2019

RT @KyleMacLeanX: Good morning you beautiful dip-buying future-millionaire degens. Enjoy the green ️ #crypto

23 November, 2019

RT @cdtswa: I have no idea why I’m still holding onto #btc. The majority of folks who came in with me in 2017 have left the game. Sometimes…

22 November, 2019

The Canada eCoin team is now on Keybase! This is exciting, please have a look see.

19 November, 2019

RT @BMO: This Remembrance Day, wear a poppy to honour our veterans. #LestWeForget

31 October, 2019

RT @CVofficialgroup: We are starting the CVC Voting Campaign event, come and support your chosen projects to compete to which projects gets…

31 October, 2019

The Canada eCoin project now has a Youtube Channel!

3 Points
25 May, 2019

Sorry reddit community / Canada eCoin AMA

3 Points
01 March, 2019

Canada eCoin Project's 5th birthday

5 Points
01 March, 2019

Canada eCoin has been added to the Cheddur app!

3 Points
14 June, 2018

We created a simple crypto events/announcements calendar website for Canada eCoin (CDN)

1 Points
06 April, 2018

CDN is doing really well during this crash, hold strong everybody

7 Points
18 January, 2018

few questions for KOAD?

3 Points
17 January, 2018

an amazing initiative and an amazing coin.

8 Points
14 January, 2018

Weekly team meeting minutes

3 Points
11 January, 2018

Canada eCoin Windows QT Wallet error - URGENT: Alert Key compromised, upgrade required

5 Points
11 January, 2018

Upcoming Text Interview with lead developer and potential AMA

5 Points
05 January, 2018

who are the developers, why no info

4 Points
26 December, 2017

287% Growth Over 7 Days?

8 Points
20 December, 2017

What makes this canadian

3 Points
10 December, 2017

Canada eCoin is a viable option as a medium of exchange for Canadian citizens, and people everywhere! Check it out here!

5 Points
09 December, 2017

Canada eCoin offers a revolution on many fronts, from digital payments to a store of wealth, Canada eCoin offers many benefits to the fiat dollar. What excites you most about this revolution?

4 Points
05 December, 2017

I'm going to help grow the Reddit Community!

3 Points
30 November, 2017

How is everyone?

1 Points
18 November, 2017

Just Joined!

4 Points
18 October, 2017

Where is the wallet

2 Points
15 August, 2017

Minutes for Canada eCoin bi-weekly admin meeting - August 8th, 2017

3 Points
09 August, 2017

Minutes for Canada eCoin weekly team meeting - July 25th, 2017

4 Points
26 July, 2017

Minutes for Canada eCoin weekly team meeting - July 18, 2017

3 Points
19 July, 2017

Minutes for Canada eCoin weekly team meeting - July 11th, 2017

3 Points
13 July, 2017

What area of Canada do you live in?

1 Points
12 July, 2017
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