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What is Canyudo?

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31 January, 2019

An extinct dinosaur has emerged with talks centering around shutting down cryptocurrencies. #cryptocurrency

07 May, 2019

Nature is full of synchronization. A node synchronizing a copy of the chain data is an other thing, however have yo…

06 May, 2019

When you wake up early in the morning and realize it's only weekend! #weekend #canyudo #cryptocurrency

04 May, 2019

Doing something towards climate change one step at a time is the key towards a sustainable future. …

03 May, 2019

Project Libra: Facebook to launch stablecoin-based payments network! #cryptocurrency #Facebook #blockchain

03 May, 2019

This is actually very well said! #Government #cryptocurrency

02 May, 2019

When a self-proclaimed crypt pro is asked to prove his logic. #Logic #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrency #blockchain

30 April, 2019

Read this comment, and sign the petition. This is a no-brainer, Hong Kong - you so clever, wealthy, well-organised?…

30 April, 2019

Samsung has already shown interest in Blockchain & Ethereum, the platform Canyudo operates on. #canyudo

29 April, 2019

One stronk #Bull. Do you think the Bull Market is getting ready? #Crypto #cryptocurrency #blockchain #prices

29 April, 2019

If Blockchain & Supply Chain Management go hand in hand, all transactional data from the warehouse to the delivery…

26 April, 2019

Canyudo - The 1st distributed Social Tasking network for people, for businesses.

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19 April, 2019
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In highly volatile cryptocurrency market when things are not certain

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Canyudo is a free to use promotional and organizational tool allowing app users to create then advertise jobs, tasks, events, or items for sale to a network of other app users, adding media, data files, location tags, and with the option to make or take payment in cryptocurrency.

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