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IP.Gold: A Cautionary Tale of A Tarnished ICO — Part 3 - COMSA TB scam

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17 May, 2019

COMSA [XEM] Is about to jump over 300% this Year when Bitcoin Halving appear, Get more Trading Signals , Price Signals for COMSA [XEM]

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23 April, 2019

– Releases COMSA CORE β Version (Testnet) –

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18 December, 2018

Does anyone know WTF is going on?

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17 December, 2018

Greetings! CMS Token Has Been Listed On TokenJar, A Decentralized Exchange That Features In NO Deposit, NO Fees, NO Registration, NO KYC, And Its Security Is Guaranteed By Transparent And Direct Transactions From Wallet To Wallet.

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12 July, 2018

IP Gold Moves to NEM Blockchain, Kicks Off 24-hour Sale

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29 June, 2018

IP.Gold ICO is now Live! – A COMSA partner and accepting CMS

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31 May, 2018

IP.Gold to use the COMSA Global SaaS Platform

7 Points
28 April, 2018

Tech Bureau Europe S.A, a fintech and cryptocurrency solutions company, today announced that COMSA will provide CO…

27 April, 2018

What is going on?

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11 April, 2018

We created a simple crypto events/announcements calendar website for COMSA [ETH] (CMS)

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04 April, 2018

Exclusive, limited-edition, Swiss-made cryptocurrency watches

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29 March, 2018

ICOs on COMSA platform

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28 March, 2018

COMSA [XEM] $CMS can now be tracked on Latest rates, live & historical charts, calculator & portfolio!

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13 March, 2018

Complaints "comsa io"

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12 February, 2018

RT @NEMofficial: Tech Bureau announced #PoC (Proof of Concept) project in collaboration with the Japan Net Bank Limited, the very first onl…

07 February, 2018

RT @tsukasadaa: #NEM #XEM step by step has been coming into the business field #Blockchain

05 February, 2018

RT @mijin_io: Japan’s First Online Bank Tests Blockchain Technology with mijin and Hyperledger | mijin

05 February, 2018

【COMSA Information】We inform you that we have issued a press release on COMSA Comprehensive ICO Platform.

05 February, 2018

Native blockchain

3 Points
31 January, 2018

Why the massive drop?

2 Points
26 January, 2018

When the mainnet will launch?

4 Points
13 January, 2018

What is the token contract address for CMS?

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09 January, 2018

Confusion on where to purchase Comsa

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09 January, 2018

for the amount of value that this coin holds. this sub-reddit is atrocious

6 Points
27 December, 2017

【COMSA Customer Service Operation Hours during the New Year's Season】Closed Period: Saturday 30th December till 3rd…

22 December, 2017

Comsa is trading on Yobit . net

5 Points
21 December, 2017

When is COMSA hitting US and EU exchanges?

3 Points
18 December, 2017

Sorry. New to Comsa. Bought yesterday no problem. Wanted to buy now. They seem to hate more money... Is that how this works?

1 Points
15 December, 2017

Why is there CMS:ETH and CMS:NEM?

5 Points
14 December, 2017

bought comsa presale at $1 per coin. Almost $4 now

9 Points
14 December, 2017

CMS listing at Zaif Exchange was announced this week. Since right after CMS being on the floor, there have been maj…

08 December, 2017

【CMS Token Distribution Started Today】We have just started CMS token distribution on COMSA Token Sale Dashboard.

30 November, 2017

[NEWS: REGISTRATION OF CMS TOKEN RECEIVING ADDRESS] We have updated the COMSA Token Sale Dashboard in order to star…

27 November, 2017

【CMS Token Schedule】We plan to announce about listing and trading CMS token at Zaif Exchange on 27th November.

24 November, 2017

RT @NEMofficial: Inside NEM Ep 19: Major #NEM Update, Catapult Product Review $XEM

15 November, 2017

Virtual Reality Service Verses May Finally Enable Jennifer Aniston's Sweater To Be Sold - BlockTribune

08 November, 2017

20 mins left!

06 November, 2017

Only 1 hour left!!

06 November, 2017

Only 2 hours left to secure your own CMS token!!

06 November, 2017

RT @mijin_io: Catapultの説明動画を是非ご覧下さい。「待たせたな。」 mijin / NEMのブロックチェーンコアエンジン2.0『Catapult(カタパルト)』のご紹介 - YouTube

05 November, 2017

RT @mijin_io: Check out our brand new "Catapult" introduction video. Core engine v2.0 "Catapult" for mijin and NEM blockchains

05 November, 2017

Timebank ICO has been confirmed on COMSA! Metaps and Tech Bureau reach agreement on Timebank ICO on COMSA | COMSA

05 November, 2017
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COMSA is a platform that offers future projects a complete ecosystem for their ICOs, including the Zaif Exchange, multi-cryptocurrencies subscription, cross-platform integration and a ready ICO asset creation through the use of the NEM and Ethereum public blockchains and mijin private blockchain respectively. The CMS token is based on both Ethereum and NEM blockchains. Token holders are able to vote either to accept or reject challenging/risky projects.

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