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Pick as much as you can carry

6656 Points
21 September, 2020

Preferably somewhere in Maine

12699 Points
21 September, 2020

Kentucky doctor who urged mask-wearing early on dies of Covid-19

7526 Points
21 September, 2020

At 53 this is the first time I have decorated for Halloween, think it’s me waiting for 2021

13120 Points
21 September, 2020

[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Denver Nuggets 105-103 behind 26/11/4 from LeBron James and a game-winner from Anthony Davis to take a 2-0 series lead

4962 Points
21 September, 2020

[Highlight] Anthony Davis wins it for the Lakers

25701 Points
21 September, 2020

Some black magic levels of precision

29076 Points
21 September, 2020

Only the rich can be brave

11702 Points
21 September, 2020

if u are feeling sad pls look at this cute duck

53064 Points
21 September, 2020

Congressional beggar

16758 Points
21 September, 2020

Lots of love for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Supreme Court this evening

35689 Points
21 September, 2020

Back when you had to go to the store to play a demo.

20479 Points
21 September, 2020

Bob Woodward says he will release audio tapes of Trump talking about Supreme Court

29773 Points
21 September, 2020

World's richest 1% cause double CO2 emissions of poorest 50%, says Oxfam

29875 Points
21 September, 2020

Trying to be smooth criminals WCGW

36194 Points
21 September, 2020

Posing for an insta picture

22849 Points
21 September, 2020

California 'Emergency' investigation: House Democrats threaten to impeach AG Barr

37706 Points
21 September, 2020

What’s like coming home to Juniper

57437 Points
21 September, 2020

TIL that Persian King Agha Mohammad Khan ordered the execution of two servants for being too loud. Since it was a holy day, he postponed their execution by a day and made the servants return to their duties. They murdered the king in his sleep that night.

77684 Points
21 September, 2020

NSFMR The rig I built this summer didn't make it out of the Oregon wildfire. Fun while it lasted!

45820 Points
21 September, 2020

Good analogy

74638 Points
21 September, 2020

John F. Kennedy campaigning in the hills of West Virginia, 1960

96548 Points
21 September, 2020

7 I’m lovin’ tit Woman makes fun of McDonald’s worker’s mom, accidentally orders a Double McAss Whooping

23116 Points
21 September, 2020

My (27M) fiancée (24F) has 'accidentally' lost/broken three engagement rings now... I'm starting to suspect she's doing it on purpose

17929 Points
20 September, 2020
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