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CryptoWorldXToken CryptoWorldXToken Ping News

CryptoWorldXToken CryptoWorldXToken Ping News

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Should we add masternodes on #CWXT, please vote.

13 September, 2017

Important Revision #CWXT

20 March, 2017

Important info #CWXT #BTC

09 March, 2017

You can now subribe for the @YobitExchange app, early subsribers get 30 days free. #CWXT #BTC #YOBIT

07 March, 2017

RT @YobitExchange: If you was scammed by EdinarCoin - please let us know: , we have all info about owners/secretaries/ma…

07 March, 2017

The @YobitExchange app is almost ready, we will welcome any suggestions to add before launch!!! #BTC #LTC #DASH #CWXT

04 March, 2017

RT @DarkGoddess5: Waves developers and Yobit need to sort out their differences. Waves need Yobit 24 hour volume of Eth on Yobit - 930 btc…

26 February, 2017

The wait is almost over!!! @YobitExchange app will launch in a few days... #CWXT

26 February, 2017

Do you struggle to follow pumps on @YobitExchange , the #CWXT Yobit App will launch soon, join the #CWXT Community,…

18 February, 2017

Thank you for supporting #CWXT, get it on @YobitExchange and stake, the current difficulty is 0.01447651 and reward is 10 coins per block.

15 February, 2017

RT @crypt0biwan: $CWXT just added to @YobitExchange not that much coins for sale.. @Crypto_World_X #CryptoWorldX

09 February, 2017

RT @YobitExchange: CryptoWorldX Coin [CWXT] is listed: CryptoWorldX Dice: Bitcointalk: http…

09 February, 2017

Phase 1 of @YobitExchange App launched! Get more info #CWXT $CWXT

14 January, 2017

Latest @Crypto_World_X news #CWXT $CWXT

14 January, 2017

We can confirm that #CWXT now have adequate votes on @nova_exchange . We will be listed when the next coins will be added. $CWXT

11 January, 2017

Vote for #CWXT on @nova_exchange and get some free $CWXT #CryptoWorldX #token

07 January, 2017

CryptoWorldX is the latest incarnation of a community forum and the first e-mail provider for the crypto enthusiast

30 December, 2016
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In highly volatile cryptocurrency market when things are not certain

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