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Ping from DOVU

Welcome to r/DOVU. Please read this for more information

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16 November, 2017


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12 April, 2019

Our latest blog

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22 June, 2020

We have launched our API

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22 June, 2020

Accidentally found thousands of DOV tokens...

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26 March, 2020

Has the DOVU Token been forgotten about?

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18 June, 2019

Dovu Skyrocket! Binance is adding to listing! we all about to see massive price jump!! keep watch!

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11 June, 2019

What's the inflation rate of Dovu?

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28 April, 2019

I'm very concerned

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26 April, 2019

New on the DOVU wallet — share with friends & earn more DOV

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03 April, 2019

DOVU Monthly Round up

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15 March, 2019

DOVU mentioned on Venturebeat

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11 March, 2019

DOVU partners with major rail & bus company, Go-Ahead

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30 January, 2019

DOVU Wallet Feedback survey - First insights

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16 January, 2019

DOVU Beta Wallet - Early Stats

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09 January, 2019

Day 11! Thanks to all our Beta testers

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25 December, 2018

12 days of DOVU | Day 10

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24 December, 2018

Day 9! Habits and cryptocurrencies

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23 December, 2018

Intro to DOVU API

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21 December, 2018

12 Days of DOVU | Day 5 – DOVU

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19 December, 2018

Day 4 has arrived! Keep stacking you DOV

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18 December, 2018

Did you miss your 3rd day to earn DOV?

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17 December, 2018

12 days of DOVU. Day 2

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16 December, 2018

What happened in November @ DOVU

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16 December, 2018

Start earning DOV. Day 1.

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15 December, 2018

How DOVU is disrupting the mobility ecosystem

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14 December, 2018

The DOVU wallet is here! Earn DOV for sharing data

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13 December, 2018
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DOVU is a blockchain-based platform specialized for the mobility sector. DOVU intends to create a circular economy for the transport and mobility sector by creating a value exchange between regular consumers, data providers (those that create APIs to resell data) and "data owners". Inside DOVU's system, Data owners are able to control access to the data shared and are rewarded with DOV tokens from future profits related to the use of the data.  In their turn, data providers can define Smart Contracts to set conditions of use and the level of reward they are willing to offer to the data owner. The DOVU platform consists of the following components, the DOVU Protocol, the DOVU API Marketplace (dApp developed by DOVU) and the DOV token. The DOVU Protocol details transport sector related data interchange, attributes value, facilitates and encourages the development of more mobility-related dApps. The DOV token is an Ethereum-based ERC 20 that serves as  currency on DOVU's ecosystem.


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