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Dynamic Dynamic Ping News

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#pShare is easy to use, integrates directly with your file explorer, and is compatible with most operating systems,…

15 October, 2019

With #pShare, the Dynamic #blockchain acts as the network-auditing mechanism, adding an extra layer of access…

14 October, 2019

RT @spencerlievens: What are your thoughts on the #pShare beta?

14 October, 2019

"High security and #HIPPA compliance can extensively decrease interoperability. Fortunately, Duality is using its i…

09 October, 2019

RT @cryptomasters07: LivenNodes Ecosystem and Duality Solutions are now official partners Duality provides healthcare organizations wi…

08 October, 2019

"The Alabama hospital group DCH Health Systems has paid an undisclosed sum to the attackers who perpetrated a…

07 October, 2019

#pConsult will utilize #BDAP for account registration, linking accounts, professional certificates, consultant disc…

07 October, 2019

#NoID Enrollment is intuitive, integrating fingerprints and facial recognition combined with demographic data. NoI…

05 October, 2019

"This week, a #healthcare provider announced that it will be permanently closing its doors as a result of a…

05 October, 2019

#BDAP gives programmable access control and direct communication with users on the network, adding a layer of resou…

03 October, 2019

Dynamic $DYN is now available to be traded on @VbitEX. #blockchain #BaaS #crypto

29 September, 2019

RT @PlanetHIPAA: #HIPAA Study Reveals Types of Protected Health Information Most Commonly Exposed in Healthcare Data Breaches…

24 September, 2019

RT @DualityOfficial: Dynamic 2.4 introduces #BDAP, a revolutionary product that replaces the industry-standard LDAP. Install this mandato…

24 September, 2019

#pShare is a privacy oriented #p2p (peer to peer), file-and-folder sharing application, allowing creation of public…

20 September, 2019

Did you know? We have been operating as a blockchain development team since 2014 and as a Texas LLC since 2017.…

18 September, 2019

#NoID integrates with leading electronic health record systems, eliminating the need for expensive master patient i…

16 September, 2019

"Multi-factor #authentication is the use of more than one method of verifying the identity of a user. In addition t…

16 September, 2019

RT @RaistilinCrypto: Check out Dr Crypto talking about $dyn and @DualityOfficial #vgp #healthit #blockchain #fhir

16 September, 2019
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Duality Blockchain Solutions is a cryptocurrency project focused on providing enterprise-focused products based on blockchain technology. Duality Blockchain Solutions provides two public blockchains,  Dynamic and Sequence.

Dynamic is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency based on the Aragon2b algorithm. It uses p2p technology over Tor & Clearnet to operate seecurely and privately.

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