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EDRCoin EDRCoin Ping News

EDRCoin EDRCoin Ping News

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Ping from EDRCoin

EDRCoin team will buy 100000 coin in the market in the following 10 days and lock them for 6 months.

19 April, 2019

New promotion lanuched! From April 12th,10% bouns promotion will start! Total deposit minus withdraw if equal or m…

11 April, 2019

weekly investment plan add in investbox. Min 5000.Max 10000. 2% per week.

10 April, 2019

Please visit our new blockchain explorer

05 April, 2019

Last month, we make a promotion to celebrate the spring, and get very good result. EDRCoin price from 0.69$ up to 1…

31 March, 2019

Website is attacked by DDOS, if cannot login, please try later.

29 March, 2019

EDRCoin up to 1$ !

17 March, 2019

From February 19 to March 31, users who deposit more than 2000EDRC once and have an investment plan can get an addi…

19 February, 2019

Happy new year! From January 1 to 5, users who deposit more than 5000EDRC and have an investment plan can get an ad…

02 January, 2019

EDRC are doing some update, maybe some account balance show not correct, dont worry about it, try touse English ver…

05 December, 2018

Against the market! BTC and other Cryptocurrency falling those days, But EDRCoin performe excellent, At monment, E…

25 November, 2018

We are proud to celebrate that all the clients of EDR or EDRC get big profit in the past year! Today EDR and EDRC…

30 October, 2018

For last year, EDRCoin rise from 0.01 USD to 0.1 USD, up to 1000%! Today we have a new Plan launch: Everyone can b…

09 September, 2018

For last 50 days, we have 7000 new clients get airdrop, about 2000 leaders get bouns. We total send out 100000 EDRC…

05 August, 2018

EDRC has been trading for two years ! It can be found in So there is no risk for closed.…

16 July, 2018

We have two great announcements for today. Firstly, we had buy more than 600000EDRC and will lock them for 2 years…

17 June, 2018

Maintenance Our website is updating, If your account show abnormal, please wait Patience。 The work will finish in…

08 June, 2018

We update our wesite, please visit

03 May, 2018
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EDRcoin - is the currency, aimed not only to enrichment, but also for saving  the Earth resources. It means that part of income system will be used to help recovery worldwide  forests, and  in addition, for  the development of new solar power plants. 

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