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Emphy Emphy Ping News

Emphy Emphy Ping News

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Emphy is Now Available on the App Store

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30 September, 2019

Emphy Is Available on the App Store! Download Now: ️

30 September, 2019

Emphy Is Available on Android! Download Now!

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18 September, 2019

We are beyond excited to announce that #Emphy is now available as a mobile app for all #Android devices!Download n…

18 September, 2019

Kenya ranks among the top 3 countries in Africa with the highest number of #Bitcoin Users. These stats indicate and…

30 August, 2019

The research of 2019 shows that #Travel & #Tourism in #Kenya grew at 5.6% last year – ahead of the global average o…

02 August, 2019

We are creating the fastest and the most secure experience of placing rental ads on Emphy! You'll receive the reque…

24 July, 2019

Yay! We got featured on the Moshek Africa, that covers Kenyan and the East African region tech, business and travel…

04 July, 2019

With globetrotters becoming ever more conscious about vacation rental property’s prices as they travel the world, E…

28 June, 2019

Your time is valuable to us! Choose to deal with #SmartContracts on Emphy platform to streamline your rental proc…

11 June, 2019

Why #Emphy uses #SmartContracts? One of the reasons is the high level of reliability: the possibility for human err…

06 June, 2019

Don’t dream – plan! When it comes to #Emphy team, our global plan is to launch the platform soon, make it big, and…

28 May, 2019

Emphy Development Update — Production Environment Is Set

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18 May, 2019

This proves one more time how #cryptocurency trends are promising in unbanked areas. Source:…

09 May, 2019

Test The New Payment Features On Emphy Platform!

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17 April, 2019

What would be the benefits of paying with #EmphyCoin for your #vacation?️ - Payments are cheaper than regular ban…

10 April, 2019

Emphy Platform Development Report is Available Now — March 25th, 2019

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26 March, 2019

Emphy strives to make the unpopular and hardly-accessible parts of the world more available for your wildest travel…

05 March, 2019

Learn about your landlord and the property before you move in! With #Emphy you get an instant and transparent revie…

28 February, 2019

Check Up On The Next Emphy Development Update

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16 February, 2019

Emphy Development Update Is Available Now!

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22 January, 2019

Pre-Holiday Development Report of Emphy Platform

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17 December, 2018

Emphy Platform Development Report is Available Now — November 8th, 2018

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08 November, 2018

The Next Development Report of Emphy Platform Is Available

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19 October, 2018

Emphy Releases Fourth Public Beta

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26 September, 2018

Emphy Releases Third Public Beta

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11 September, 2018

“The Blockchain Taskforce in Kenya Has Already Been Formed” — An Interview with Morris Gitonga from Nairobi

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05 September, 2018

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05 September, 2018

Emphy Releases Second Public Beta

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28 August, 2018

Kenya Launches its First Bitcoin ATM

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17 August, 2018

The Launching Country of Emphy Platform Is Kenya!

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06 August, 2018

Emphy Team is Excited to Announce That Emphy Testnet Has Launched!

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01 August, 2018

Vote for Emphy to be listed on Kucoin for a 30 EPY reward! Only 2 Days Left!

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13 July, 2018

Emphy Beta testers, don’t miss out the opportunity and register!

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05 July, 2018

Registration for Emphy Beta Testing is About to Open

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02 July, 2018

Emphy AirDrop Token Distribution is Completed!

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29 June, 2018

Emphy Ecosystem Development Report — June 18th, 2018

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18 June, 2018

Emphy Ecosystem Development Report — June 2nd, 2018

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02 June, 2018

Emphy Ecosystem Development Report — May 14th, 2018

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14 May, 2018
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