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eosDAC eosDAC Ping News

eosDAC eosDAC Ping News

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eosDAC Custodian Candidate Voting Is Live!

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16 December, 2018

50M VIG tokens have been airdropped to the eosDAC community, 30000 VIG to 1703 accounts. Our sincere apprec…

23 October, 2019

RT @elimherr: @CharlieShrem Check out @vigorstablecoin on EOS, a true DAC powered by @eosdac with no central authority. This is the future…

23 October, 2019

RT @MyraWang9: Talking about EOS +EOS DAO +EOS DAC at events @lukestokes @eosnewyork @brockpierce @eosdac @PRAM0D_NAUTIYAL @go_eos @TBCox @…

23 September, 2019

eosDAC Enabled: Vigor, The crypto-backed stablecoin on EOS

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17 September, 2019

RT @EOS_Nation: We're excited that @eosdac, a team that has created tons of value for the EOSIO community, is sponsoring the ECC in Rio! eo…

16 September, 2019

eosDAC Enabled: Vigor, The crypto-backed stablecoin on EOS eosDAC is thrilled to have enabled yet another fully fun…

16 September, 2019

Sneak preview of the DAC Factory on mobile using the EOS Authenticator #betacomingsoon #dacfactory #daccify

11 September, 2019

RT @ky_primo: Shoutout to everyone who just got #krowned! @krowndac is the first Decentralized Autonomous Community launched on #EOSIO usi…

30 August, 2019

DAC Recap #10

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29 August, 2019

DAC Recap #10 - A summary of all the latest DAC news is here: #EOS #EOSIO #eosDAC

28 August, 2019

Voice DACs - CHOIR Announcement

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25 August, 2019

eosDAC is being ready for the launch of VOICE, with plans to facilitate VOICE DACs!

24 August, 2019

RT @lukestokes: Good read. I think what @eosdac is building stands up fairly well here. We’re decentralizing control of funds and smart con…

24 August, 2019

Emanate introduces a brilliant EMT staking model to onboard new users!

24 August, 2019

RT @OKEx: Thank you for all the overwhelming response in signing up for the #EOS Block Producer Pursuit! We've confirmed the registration o…

23 August, 2019

Big shout out to @AlinaYao4ever from @OKEx for contributing to the growth and development of #EOS ecosystem with a…

23 August, 2019

WordProof allows users to timestamp their content on WordPress (and eventually all content management systems) - en…

21 August, 2019

Featuring Luke, Michael and Saro! Check out if you want to start a DAC and how you can opt in for our premium DAC h…

21 August, 2019

ADWARD x eosDAC ADWD Token Airdrop

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20 August, 2019

OK Pool EOS BP Pursuit: Vote for eosDAC!

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19 August, 2019

DAC Recap #9

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16 August, 2019

I have some EOSDAC in an old ethereum wallet

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07 August, 2019

Introducing eosDAC: DAC Factory

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26 July, 2019

eosDAC Launches a Guild on the WAX Networt

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10 July, 2019

Promoting the EOS Community and DACs in China | Sanya Summit

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08 July, 2019

Weekly DAC Recap #7

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03 July, 2019

eosDAC Makes Every Effort Possible to Decentralise - How The DAC Host Its Website

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23 June, 2019

Weekly DAC Recap #6

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17 June, 2019

Brock Pierce – a child actor turned video-game entrepreneur turned crypto titan joins eosDAC custodian board!

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12 June, 2019

EOSDAC listed on Probit

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21 May, 2019

Small volume but, still, someone is paying up to 10 times the current EOSDAC price at

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19 May, 2019

Weekly DAC Recap #2

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06 May, 2019

DAC Weekly #1

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29 April, 2019

Scatter connects you to eosDAC in a simple and straightforward package. It is internationalized, sleek, and powerful.

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20 April, 2019

Are there any news behind the massive rise in the price of EOSdac tokens in the past week. Who’s buying?

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14 April, 2019

got eosDAC tokens - what now?

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09 April, 2019

Partnership with TokenPocket Today

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29 March, 2019

EosDAC Price

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23 March, 2019

Atomic Wallet Added eosDAC to Asset list and Exchanges! USD/CNY/JPY/Eur/KRW

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20 February, 2019


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19 February, 2019
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eosDAC is creating a DAC on the EOS blockchain, until then eosDAC is being run by its Team. eosDAC has spent most of the time since the EOS mainnet launch in June 2018 as an active block producer, meaning we have been continuously elected by the EOS community to be one of the 21 block producers on the chain.

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