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Assaulting a worker who's enforcing masks is now a felony under a new Illinois law

11167 Points
10 August, 2020

[OC] Bedroom Toys (remastered)

22160 Points
10 August, 2020

Vitamin D deficiency as a predictor of poor prognosis in patients with acute respiratory failure due to COVID-19

8219 Points
10 August, 2020

Some teachers were savages

28866 Points
10 August, 2020

This view of lightning from an airplane

23999 Points
10 August, 2020

TIL that in 2020 two rival Drug Cartels Decided to have a friendly soccer Match. The match ended with 16 deaths and 5 injuries

50962 Points
10 August, 2020

Overdone The scar on my hand stays clean, no matter how dirty my hands are

32294 Points
10 August, 2020

“If masks were necessary we would have evolved one by now” lmao

53521 Points
10 August, 2020

QAnon’s findings...

15220 Points
10 August, 2020

Boris Johnson has insisted schools are safe to re-open next month just hours after the Children’s Commissioner called for routine coronavirus testing for pupils and teachers.

22143 Points
10 August, 2020

America Lawmakers Demand Removal of Postmaster General DeJoy Over 'Nefarious' Efforts to Destroy the Postal Service and 'Aid Trump Reelection'

63160 Points
10 August, 2020

As an EU viewer trying to watch LCS, having 8 play-off teams shows the league is struggling to generate interrest and is psuedo-hyping bad teams

4641 Points
10 August, 2020

Teen who shared photo of packed high school hallway says she's receiving threats

62838 Points
10 August, 2020

It’s not rude to cough around smokers

13438 Points
10 August, 2020

Civil unrest erupts in Belarus after rigged election and 26 years of dictatorship

67976 Points
10 August, 2020

Are we the bad guys?

26873 Points
10 August, 2020

16 Social The United States government decided it was okay for 16 year old me to fly myself 3 hours away, no instructor. I figured I’d celebrate being alive by posting this selfie. I’m bad at facial expressions lol

66029 Points
10 August, 2020

My unborn child absorbed it’s twin and now my wife resents it.

20587 Points
10 August, 2020

VGK - NHL /r/all The Toronto Maple Leafs have been eliminated in 5 games from the Stanley Cup Qualifiers by the Columbus Blue Jackets

17901 Points
10 August, 2020

What have you accidentally conditioned your pet to do?

54904 Points
10 August, 2020

Damian Lillard tonight: 51-3-7 on 16/28 shooting. His 10th career 50 points game

13992 Points
10 August, 2020

Do your worst! I’m a 29 year old asthmatic introvert.

11597 Points
10 August, 2020

"Our state is so unique!" Starter Pack (v 2.0)

29787 Points
10 August, 2020

Atlanta Braves  Video Benches clear in Astros vs. A's game.

26158 Points
10 August, 2020

Partially Editorialized Link Title Canada could form NEW ‘superpower’ alliance with Australia, UK and New Zealand

26820 Points
10 August, 2020
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