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And I Watched only 3 seasons, can't imagine 4th at all.

9 Points
21 April, 2020

GUYS you'll never guess what's this year's april fools event in WarThunder

6 Points
02 April, 2020

Thanks grandma..

12 Points
01 April, 2020

“I can probably get a month supply... of the new chloroquine” - S02E10 - crazy!

15 Points
30 March, 2020

Hey, it’s no Alex-approved space lasagna, but it still makes me wanna dive into a rewatch.

20 Points
29 March, 2020

Floating through space....

6 Points
28 February, 2020

So I binged expanse all the way to the Amazon season, and I gotta say, I hate the OPA

10 Points
27 February, 2020

This is what fan service should be.

10 Points
23 February, 2020

Pool Ready to Fork Expanse (EXP)

2 Points
14 February, 2020

The Expanse Expands And Goes Into Season 5: Release Date, Plot And Cast

9 Points
09 February, 2020

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0 Points
22 January, 2020

Just finished the last half of season 4, and after being one of the strongest characters in the first two seasons, the Secretary of the UN is the worst. The need to have her be constantly cursing (painfully unnaturally) and angry like a crazy person, turned her into a caricature.

7 Points
21 January, 2020

Season 4 writers on the Undersecretary: “we wanted to make sure we had her curse literally every scene. It is the one aspect of acting she struggles with making look natural, so we said let’s go for it”

7 Points
20 January, 2020

Another reason the universal belter accent is stupid. Mars was also a hodge podge colony of people, but they still maintain multiple accents and some even none at all.

2 Points
19 January, 2020

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1 Points
18 January, 2020

Started binging after some recommendations. My biggest question 1.5 seasons in.

2 Points
15 January, 2020

Seriously why the ducking belter accent? Not even Mars has an accent. On top of that there’s NO logical background on why it would even develop in just a handful of generations. On Earth only a couple characters have accents of their ancestry, but ALL fucking belters have the Jar Jar accent?

0 Points
13 January, 2020

Just finished Season 3. Verrrrry Mass Effect Trilogy vibe.

8 Points
12 January, 2020

Finally in the late episodes of third season, and the low point of the series is apparent. It’s the fucking Jar Jar Binks accents that all of a sudden are in every scene for the belters. Wayyyyyyyyyy over the fucking top.

0 Points
11 January, 2020

Amos is by far the best character on the show.

31 Points
09 January, 2020

The undersecretaries voice drives me nuts

2 Points
05 January, 2020

Songs from the show

2 Points
27 December, 2019

Does anyone else find the "Savage Industries" placement slightly annoying? . I love Adam Savage like many of us, yet it really takes me out of the experience. Please discuss??....

5 Points
23 December, 2019

highest bodycount

5 Points
16 December, 2019


19 Points
14 December, 2019
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