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Factom Factom Ping News

Factom Factom Ping News

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Factom AMA running from April 6th to 12th

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05 April, 2020

Updated PegNet 2.0 Activation Block height: 256,789 - ETA August 5th 2020

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22 July, 2020

FPoS — Federated Proof-of-Stake

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19 July, 2020

PegNet 2.0 Activation Height Set For - BLOCK 255,778 ETA: Wednesday July 29th 2020 around 16:40 UTC

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14 July, 2020

Factom Governance Improvement - potentially the most significant changes since M3

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10 July, 2020

Post bankrupcy filing status?

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10 July, 2020

ConsenSys, Polychain, Tron, CipherTrace: Blockchain Startups Got $30M+ in US ‘PPP’ Bailout Loans - Including Factom

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08 July, 2020

FCT price is soo low....I bought in at 24 in 2017 and thought I was a genius ....Will it ever recover? Is there any hope?

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07 July, 2020

Smart Valor Exchange Listing PEG on July 6th!

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30 June, 2020

Factom filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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20 June, 2020

Factom Realtime Explorer released

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19 June, 2020

Episode 2 Factom Podcast Series

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16 June, 2020

Announcing new Factom and PegNet stats and metrics on

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09 June, 2020

Factom Podcasts with BlockVenture

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06 June, 2020

Deepfake solution?

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05 June, 2020

Sending from Enterprise wallet to Bittrex

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21 May, 2020

Latest grant round results

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20 May, 2020

Liquid has enabled Factom (FCT) trading, deposits, and withdrawals

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19 May, 2020

Had Factom on short list for months. Time to buy first stack?

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18 May, 2020

Blog post on the technical side of ANO and server management:

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15 May, 2020

My colleagues got published in Science Magazine. On Blockchain facilitated sharing of outbreak R&D

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15 May, 2020

Factom for elections

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15 May, 2020

Tracking drones and other things with Factom

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08 May, 2020

Grant proposals are now open for review and discussion

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06 May, 2020

William & Mary Blockhain Lab & Factom

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06 May, 2020

Accessing Factom blockchain from different programming languages

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05 May, 2020
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Blockchain to Business and Governments

Factom is a system for securing millions of real-time records in the blockchain with a single hash.

Businesses and governments can use Factom to simplify records management, record business processes, and address security and compliance issues.

Factom uses the blockchain to power a remarkable range of applications, including audit systems, medical records, supply chain management, voting systems, property titles, legal applications, and financial systems. 

Download the Factom Whitepaper to understand out how business and governments can use the blockchain technology to improve their services and their profit margins.

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