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HiCoin HiCoin Ping News

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Hi Beauty( Open Hi Beauty has been opened as a medical and beauty platform for XHI. Hi-Bea…

23 May, 2019

Hi-Mall( Open Hi mall, a shopping mall with XHI, was opened. Hi mall is a shopping mall wh…

23 May, 2019

Movie booking with Hi coin (XHI) With Hi coin(XHI), you can make movie bookings in 320 theaters nationwide in Kore…

20 September, 2018

Listed on exchange and how to install Hi coin(XHI) wallet 1. Hi Coin(XHI) listed on the…

12 September, 2018

Hi coin(XHI) Lists on the exchange Hi Coin(XHI) Lists on the excha…

27 August, 2018

Hi coin(XHI) will list on the COIN25EX Hi coin(XHI) will list on the cryptocurrency exchange COIN25EX in August. T…

20 August, 2018

Hi coin(XHI) will list on the COIN25 Hi coin(XHI) will list on the P2P exchange COIN25 in August. The COIN25 Excha…

20 August, 2018

Hi Coin(XHI) lists on the UDAX exchange. First of all, you should click the address of <UDAX wallet creation> to re…

07 August, 2018

Completion of registration of Bit Hello's branch corporation in the Philippines. Bit Hello completed the registrat…

01 August, 2018

Hi Coin(XHI) lists on the listex international exchange. Hi Coin(XHI) lists on the listex international excha…

01 August, 2018

HICOIN Launching show in Asia

22 April, 2018

From December, 20 till approximately January 20 c-cex will switch to "limited service" mode for New Year vacations.…

18 December, 2017

Hello everyone. Hicoin system maintenance will be performed from 11:30 to 13:30 UTC 6th Dec, 2017 Android wallet an…

06 December, 2017

Our new website was released. please visit and join us.

23 November, 2017

We are preparing to upgrade our homepage. Please wait the new homepage. #XHI #HICOIN #XHIHOMEPAGE

12 October, 2017

Hicoin has signed to perform the 1 billions USD investment agreement.

22 September, 2017

A maintenance of XHI android wallet is over. It now works well.

05 September, 2017

XHI android wallet is on maintenance. You can see the zero balance but your coin is safe. It will be back in 3 hours

05 September, 2017

HI ~~ Our Facebook account has been temporarily disabled. We will try to be recovered as soon as possible. Please wait a moment. Thanks

29 July, 2017

New Hicoin android wallet app is released today. The features of Hicoin wallet app is send coin, receive coin,...

11 July, 2017
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