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Ping from Honeybox

The Ultimate Affiliate Contest

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08 May, 2019

It's Over...but not over - Token Sale, Pre-orders, and more

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29 April, 2019

Honeypod & DigiByte Announce Strategic Cooperation

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16 April, 2019

Deex Exchange Interview with Honeypod

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04 April, 2019

Honeypod and BitBounce Bring Internet Privacy to the Masses

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20 March, 2019

Honeypod partners up with Lethean

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18 March, 2019

What is Honeypod | Changing Your Internet Forever #Honeypod

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05 March, 2019

As Online Privacy Erodes, Multiple Crypto Startups are Fighting Back

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19 January, 2019

We have now moved to @gethoneypod ! Stay updated for new upcoming exciting news

30 December, 2018

Looking for Internet Privacy? Honeybox may be your answer #internetprivacy #blockchain

05 December, 2018

Looks like 400k homes now need a Honeybox #cryptojacking #cryptocurrency #CryptocurrencyNews

05 December, 2018

Crypto Investors: If you are in Singapore on the 16th, don't miss your chance for a live demo of Honeybox. Due to…

11 November, 2018

And you thought governments and ads were spying on you..santa is on a whole new level #internetprivacy

11 November, 2018

RT @Cointelegraph: to airdrop $125 million in Stellar, as the wallet launches support for the altcoin…

06 November, 2018

#ico test #1 - is your whitepaper good enough to hang on a wall? #blockchain #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencynews

04 November, 2018

RT @Atlantic_Road: Internet Privacy in one word: Honeybox ! @gethoneybox

03 November, 2018

Could @GetHoneybox easily and inexpensively protect military personnel across the globe from cyber, intrusion, and…

28 October, 2018

Scammers are getting more creative ;) "This message is from a trusted sender" yeah..not so much

19 October, 2018

The Honeybox Bandwidth Test: #privacy #InternetOfThings #internet

10 October, 2018

The art of turning the consumer into the product #madebygoogle2018 #madebygoogle

09 October, 2018
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Honeybox is a completed hardware project that connects to your home router to remove ads and tracking systems from all of your internet connected devices while also authenticating payment and service transfers. The landscape of the internet as we know it today is built entirely around hidden services that have the intention of tracking and monitoring a person's every moves, who they are, what they look at, and who they associate with without acknowledgement or consent. Honeybox is changing that by not only giving you the freedom to control who and what has access to your internet connection, but also rewarding you for browsing the internet.

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