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NeosCoin NeosCoin Ping News

NeosCoin NeosCoin Ping News

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Ping from NeosCoin

Welcome to Donito and the launch of Donu!

3 Points
16 July, 2019

Neos updates - upcoming snapshot - very important

6 Points
10 June, 2019

The upcoming Neos Bittrex delisting (6/7/2019)

1 Points
06 June, 2019

Neos updates and upcoming changes

8 Points
23 April, 2019

Creating open community MMO Game that will utilize Neos.

6 Points
11 March, 2019

Neos v4 (patch release) is now available for download. Please upgrade your wallets before March 12, 2019

3 Points
13 February, 2019

Neos is now listed at!

9 Points
21 September, 2018

Neos statement regarding delisting from

11 Points
19 September, 2018

Neos upcoming meeting agenda (9/22/18 at 9:30PM EST)

4 Points
17 September, 2018

Latest Neos newsletter

4 Points
10 September, 2018

Neos 3.2 Mandatory upgrade

4 Points
09 September, 2018

Neos 3.1 Mandatory upgrade

4 Points
09 September, 2018

Neos weekly newsletter will start sending soon

5 Points
03 September, 2018

Neos updates and incredible news

13 Points
01 September, 2018 now supports Neos! Masternode monitoring and alert service

11 Points
30 August, 2018

We are boycotting Twitter and here is why

2 Points
20 August, 2018

Please do not use tradebytrade - you will lose your coin

9 Points
16 August, 2018

Neos re-enabled on Poloniex, and Bittrex fees

2 Points
08 August, 2018

We are investors so...

2 Points
06 July, 2018

Planned upcoming Neos upgrades and swap

9 Points
20 June, 2018

NeosCoin is listed on

2 Points
19 June, 2018

NEOS is a sleeper now, but might blow up at the end of the year according to our forecasts

2 Points
29 May, 2018

Upcoming Event: April Roadmap - April 30, 2018

2 Points
13 April, 2018

What a day. Follow up my post on extreme bullish sentiment level yesterday, returns of cryptocurrencies were massive today. Top performers for BTM, Vechain, NeosCoin and mith among other altcoins.

2 Points
13 April, 2018

We created a simple crypto events/announcements calendar website for NeosCoin (NEOS)

5 Points
01 April, 2018
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NeosCoin is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency featuring a network of masternodes that provide instant a private transactions. Neos v3.0 will provide a decentralized and immutable hosting service and social network, where participants are rewarded for their activity. Creating, sharing and liking (and more) content is automatically rewarded with a portion of the block reward (based on a point system).

Neos v3.0 will offer access to the cryptocurrency without the need for exchanges or faucets. Within the network, there are also premium services that create a use case for the coin. Most of the coins spent on the premium services are bunt while a smaller part is sent to a development fund, making NeosCoin a deflationary currency.

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