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Obsidian Obsidian Ping News

Obsidian Obsidian Ping News

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Ping from Obsidian

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21 June, 2019

Nova Exchange confirms listing for Obsidian (ODN). Download the wallets at

15 June, 2019

 Our new website has launched! We also welcome your feedback on the new and completely reb…

08 January, 2019

We're presenting a little surprise at the Chicago Blockchain Meetup tonight. $ODN #OSM Looking forward to your fee…

03 January, 2019

RT @pixxlated: Happy Birthday to #Bitcoin! 10 years and 556872 blocks later, you're still everyone's favorite chain -- Looking forward to…

03 January, 2019

We have been busy with a range of people, organisations and developers, working towards the release of a new OSM ap…

12 December, 2018

Download the latest official Obsidian wallets for macOS, Windows and Linux directly from our *verified* Github repo…

26 September, 2018

Some handy tips to ensure your #Privacy:

07 June, 2018

Zcash, a privacy-focused #cryptocurrency with a market valuation of over $1 billion is being supported by the Gemin…

06 June, 2018

Why keeping the code clean is a good rule to follow #CodingStandard

05 June, 2018

How #blockchain and #cryptocurrency can be used to make the world a better place:

05 June, 2018

#ArtificialIntelligence may have its use for corporations to invade our #Privacy; it's can also be used against pri…

05 June, 2018

#Blockchain a platform that allows extremely efficient and seamless interaction, and leaves an audit trail that any…

05 June, 2018

RT @odinblockchain: We are very proud to present our first technical sneak peek on $ODIN's core features! Please head over here to have a l…

04 June, 2018

Japan’s Financial Services Agency, tasked with monitoring the country’s #cryptocurrency exchanges, has quietly bee…

04 June, 2018

#ArticialIntelligence may have its use for corporations to invade our #Privacy; it's can also be used against priva…

04 June, 2018
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Obsidian is a PoS cryptocurrency for popular use. It uses the more energy efficient SHA-512 hash algorithm to optimize for use on mobile devices and improved quantum computing resilience. ODN uses the proof-of-stake consensus strategy and pays a block reward of 20 ODN, which is equivalent to an interest rate of about 10%.

In addition, Obsidian is the currency that powers to future Obsidian Secure Anonymous Messenger economy. The Obsidian Secure Anonymous Messenger allows for sending end-to-end encrypted messages, media, and files and is optimized for anonymity of communication and metadata protection/avoidance and does not require any user accounts, phone number or personal email address which could identify its users. The message transport will be accomplished by a decentralized network of special messaging masternodes that can be run by anyone by simply installing the respective software. Running messaging masternodes will be rewarded in Obsidian currency, so that messenger users and messenger masternode hosters form an economy which is independent from any company or country and maintained only by the open source community.

Obsidian has an active Slack community in English with channels in русский and 中文, which welcomes traders, entrepreneurs, developers and everyone interested in science and innovation to share knowledge and learn.

According to the White Paper, the current circulating supply is 24.4M.

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