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13 November, 2018

Here it is – the final feature demo video in our 5-part series! In this video, we take a look at the Fee Delegation feature – a very useful feature that allows another party to pay the transaction fees on someone else’s behalf. For full details, please read our blog post. All feedback are welcome!

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17 September, 2020

Many of you have been asking about the progress with our testnet, and we are excited to announce that it’s officially launched! The first testnet for our Parachain features the PRC20 Token Standard and Burn functionalities. We welcome all constructive feedback and suggestions from our community.

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11 September, 2020

What an exciting month August has been! We've released some open source codes of our Parachain features throughout the month, and we cover what we'll be focusing on for the next few weeks in our latest Community Update. Did you get a chance to test the codes? Any feedback/suggestions are welcome!

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31 August, 2020

This week, we're excited to highlight the functionality of MultiTransfer within the OAX Parachain via a video walkthrough in our latest blog post. Please take a look here: If you have any feedback at all, we would love to hear them via any of our social/community channels!

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27 August, 2020

Following the positive response from our release of the open source code for the 5 parachain features, we’re excited to release the open source codes of the OAX Testnet Faucet! We hope to continue supporting the digital asset community & we welcome all feedback. Link:

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18 August, 2020

We're very excited to announce the release of our Parachain Features Open Source Code! It has always been our mission to contribute to the development of the decentralized finance and digital assets space. Read our blog for more details and the link to the codes:

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06 August, 2020

Our July community update is here! Take a look at the work we've done throughout the month via the link below. We have exciting updates coming your way soon, please stay tuned, and we once again thank everyone for the continuous support!

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31 July, 2020

You asked for more updates on our Parachain development, and here it is! Our latest update explores one of the features of our upcoming Parachain: Atomic Swap. Get an in-depth look at the nature of the feature at our latest blog post, which includes an accompanying video example:

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24 July, 2020

This week, we continue with our Q&A session with Professor Syren Johnstone, as he addresses some key questions relating to his third paper "Inhabiting Different Realities: Incrementalism, Paradigms and the New Prospect”. Link:

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16 July, 2020

We are aware there are those impersonating our project. While we are taking action on our end, we'd like to remind all of you to be vigilant and careful with online scams. Please keep your personal information private, and reach out to our official channels if you ever need any clarifications.

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14 July, 2020

It’s finally here! We’re very excited to release the 3rd and final paper in the 3-paper series by Professor Syren Johnstone. In conjunction with the launch of the paper, we’ve had a Q&A session with Professor Syren himself to discuss the research paper and insights on blockchain in general.

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09 July, 2020

We're excited to soon be releasing the third and final part to Professor Syren's 3-part Research Paper series, focusing on blockchain and its regulatory developments. Here's a #throwback to Paper 2 if you missed out previously: Watch this space for the official announcement.

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06 July, 2020

We are honoured to have been a part of Professor Syren's 3-part Research Paper series! If you haven't yet, please do take a look at the first in the series, 'Regulating Cryptographic Consense Technology: Oxymoron or Necessity?', and let us know what you think.

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03 July, 2020

Our June 2020 community update is out! As promised, we’ve launched a few short demo videos to showcase our work on the coding front for the OAX Parachain, with more to come. We are looking forward to July as we have more updates planned. Please stay tuned!

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30 June, 2020

As we're gearing up towards the release of the 3rd paper of the series of research papers by Professor Syren Johnstone, check out this podcast - 'Fit by Purpose' by the Stanford Law School, featuring some insights into blockchain regulation and the industry at large. Visit the link below!

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25 June, 2020

As the world slowly reopens its usual economic activity, developers are working hard to bring the vision of a blockchain-enabled future to life. As a burgeoning space within blockchain, the DeFi sector is continuously growing - here we take a look at its potential and current level of awareness.

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19 June, 2020

Hi community members! Here's the second snapshot video of our OAX Parachain, highlighting the PRC20 feature. Read our blog post which describes the feature in more detail, along with an accompanying example video.

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12 June, 2020

We are excited to shine the spotlight on one of the new features we’re working on while creating our OAX Parachain: the Burn feature! Read our blog post which describes the feature in more detail, along with an accompanying example video. Visit the link attached below.

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05 June, 2020

Custody vs Ease of use. Trustless vs Trusted. Centralized vs Decentralized. We cover 2 key pieces of the Crypto infrastructure: Centralized and Decentralized exchanges in this latest piece -

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01 June, 2020

Our May community update is out! One of the main highlights of the month is @PolkadotNetwork’s launch; the team is working hard on building our Parachain and we cannot wait to share our progress when it's ready. Read the full community update here:

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29 May, 2020

We've written a lot on the rise and potential of #DeFi over the past few months, but here's a writeup covering the basics for anyone new. Thank you @EJInsightHK for the feature!

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24 May, 2020

As we begin to embrace the 'new normal', we have to consider how the financial markets will evolve along with the world. Covid-19 has undoubtedly left a mark on financial markets, but what does that mean for the industry in the future? And how will DeFi potentially help shape the new world economy?

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22 May, 2020

In our recent AMA session, we received many questions asking us about our upcoming OAX Chain plans. For a refresher, do go through our OAX Parachain Technology Paper and AMA summary. :) Links: OAX Parachain Tech Paper: // AMA Summary:

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11 May, 2020

What is the definition of a parachain? Why are we planning to work with Polkadot Network to build a parachain? For a deeper understanding, do read Polkadot's writeup on parachains and its use cases. Link:

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11 May, 2020

Wow, time sure flies! In a blink of an eye, May is right around the corner. This month, we hosted our Reddit AMA Session and had a great time going through your questions about our parachain plans with @Polkadot Network and our progress in general. Read our April community update for a full recap.

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29 April, 2020
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