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Oyster Oyster Ping News

Oyster Oyster Ping News

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Ping from Oyster

Now that Oyster split from Opacity can we give Bruno mod rights to this reddit ? For the sake of good old times, Thanks Panda, Bill and others !

9 Points
05 February, 2019

Apparently Bruno's making progress...

22 Points
04 February, 2019

Carved oyster shell?

16 Points
24 January, 2019

Updated information on the Oyster pages (Pearl & Shell) needed?

0 Points
12 January, 2019

Bruno gave us this. January, 1.1.2019

23 Points
02 January, 2019

Fuck You Assholes of the PRL Team!!

75 Points
01 January, 2019


46 Points
30 December, 2018

Crypto Crapfest: The Facepalms And Epic Fails Of 2018

5 Points
27 December, 2018

I have oyster pearl in cryptopia and prl is getting delisted this month

5 Points
25 December, 2018

Guess Bruno Block's nationality, race and age

2 Points
23 December, 2018


25 Points
20 December, 2018

For any lost souls

14 Points
19 December, 2018

Long time holder here, Had PRL (and got the SHL airdrop) in KuKoin for awhile. I "forgot" about it, and just let it sit. I want to withdraw it now and turn it into BTC, and cash out, but It says I can't withdraw on KuCoin. Someone help?!

12 Points
12 December, 2018

Possible Bruno sighting at LA Dodgers game...

40 Points
09 December, 2018

I think I spotted Bruno while traveling through Central America

37 Points
08 December, 2018

Got PRL on my ETH address, what to do?

4 Points
06 December, 2018

Reminder for all IDEX/Forkdelta holders - One day left to fill in the form!

3 Points
06 December, 2018

Left PRL on Cryptopia... no OPQ yet?

4 Points
19 November, 2018

Kucoin PRL Question

9 Points
18 November, 2018

What to do with my coins?

6 Points
15 November, 2018

Buying Oyster be like:

19 Points
15 November, 2018

Bruno Block’s paranoid vendetta against his own project — an inside story

41 Points
13 November, 2018

$OPQ Distribution is currently ongoing

15 Points
13 November, 2018

there is one dex trading prl and shl, you wont like what you see i.e. prices

1 Points
11 November, 2018

SHL removed by CoinMarketCap. PRL still there.

19 Points
09 November, 2018
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Oyster Protocol provides a framework for accessing a decentralized mesh network. This network connects website owners, storage users and nodes (Web and Broker).

The Oyster Protocol enables websites to generate traffic revenue as visitors perform Proof of Work for a decentralized storage ledger. Web Nodes are everyday computers, smartphones, cars - anything with a modern web browser. They communicate with each other directly, only needing occasional connection brokerage from Broker Nodes. Web nodes recompense for their work is granted access to content/goods/services from the corresponding website owner. Website owners and broker nodes are rewarded with PRL token.

PRL is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token that serves as currency on Oyster's ecosystem.


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