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Pillar Pillar Ping News

Pillar Pillar Ping News

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Ping from Pillar

"Your online security should be a right, not a privilege. ️That’s why w're building the most secure & intuitive…

27 January, 2020

We are committed to building the EASIEST and most user-friendly #cryptowallet Check out our 2019 recap to lear…

25 January, 2020

Just under ONE WEEK to go until our first AGM for the 2020s We’ll be sharing our roadmap for this year AND an…

24 January, 2020

Still using a USB to keep your #crypto safe? ‍ Learn how a #SmartContractWallet like Pillar's can give y…

23 January, 2020

Have you got any burning questions for the Pillar team? Next week we’ll be hosting our usual #AMA during our f…

22 January, 2020

RT @DrewHarding: .@BlockRocketTech team recapping the @KnownOrigin_io creation story tonight at @NFTlondon meetup was amazing!! https://t.c

21 January, 2020

We’re a #crypto wallet built for humans... No more confusing addresses or lines of code! Create your own uniq…

20 January, 2020

Chilling reporting and not much warmer comfort, but remember - they can't scrape your profile photo from Pillar...

19 January, 2020

RT @coinswitch: Here's what Michael Messele, the CEO of Pillar believes about the future of crypto, and has beautifully explained how Pilla…

18 January, 2020

Last week our product wizard @DrewHarding published his Pillar 2019 recap. This week we summed up all the juicy…

17 January, 2020

In exactly TWO WEEKS from today on Jan 30 @ 5pm GMT, we will be hosting this year’s first General Meeting to talk y…

16 January, 2020

RT @DanielWeinzveg: The newest and greatest addition to my ever growing sock collection. Thank you @pillarwallet for being my first sock-in…

15 January, 2020

Do you know what really sets the Pillar apart in the world of #cryptocurrency? It's our support team available…

14 January, 2020

can somebody send some pillar?

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13 January, 2020

Read our 2019 recap & learn about the Offers Engine debut where your favourite token swap services & DEXs hang ou…

13 January, 2020

RT @abridged_io: More info dropping soon!! We’re excited to continue accelerating the mainstream adoption of Web 3 w/ our teammates & partn…

13 January, 2020

Entering your #PrivateKeys on the internet is SO 2019... Don’t become #DataHack statistic this year. Le…

10 January, 2020

Have you started playing the #GameOfBadges yet? The more you use your Pillar Wallet, exploring its features & fu…

09 January, 2020

RT @PyVitor: @jbrukh That's the PDL model that @pillarwallet has been preaching for a couple years now (and @PullNews for a decade).

08 January, 2020

How easy is it to HACK your Pillar Wallet? ️

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16 November, 2019

Learning To Fall Forward

4 Points
30 October, 2019

DO NOT deposit Cybermiles CMT on Pillar Wallet

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16 September, 2019

Time to turbocharge your Pillar Wallet!

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15 September, 2019

Pillar Smart Wallet demo debut!

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04 September, 2019

Games and Chains, one of London's first blockchain gaming meetups, is taking place on Thursday with Pillar Project attending

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19 August, 2019

PLR is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Tokens on Bancor

9 Points
17 July, 2019

The Pillar Wallet Has An In-App Token Exchange Now!!

10 Points
16 July, 2019

Wallet Connect is live!

5 Points
04 July, 2019

Question: Why do the prices of certain coins on pillar not match the prices CoinMarketcap, Coingecko, etc?

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26 June, 2019

Pillar Smart Wallet...for Dummies

6 Points
18 June, 2019

PLR Token Utility Part III: The Pillar Project Meta-Token

5 Points
29 May, 2019

PLR Token Utility Part II: Pillar Payment Network, Synthetic Asset Exchange + Relayers

6 Points
23 May, 2019

Who is project leader?

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23 May, 2019

PLR Token Utility Part I: Pillar Smart Wallet + Personal Data Locker

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20 May, 2019

The Pillar Wallet: Your new favorite wallet for all your tokens (incl. collectibles!!)

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09 May, 2019

Play the Game of Badges!

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24 April, 2019

"Burning" Coins - Value

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19 April, 2019

New Release of the Pillar Wallet - Unlock the #GameOfBadges! Download here:

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14 April, 2019

Collectibles added to PILLAR wallet and Oh, there's also a new CEO!

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18 March, 2019

Pillar CEO David Siegel reveals complexity of operating a business in a bear market

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25 February, 2019

The Shift to Decentralized Development

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16 February, 2019

Together we stand! Pillar and Tarmac join forces!

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15 February, 2019

Watch (again) video from our Semi AGM - we have cleaned up audio and added subtitles to Drew’s part. You can also find timestamps in the description.

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02 February, 2019
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The Pillar wallet will hold keys and let anyone transact with many blockchains (multi-chain wallet), will be able to see hundreds of kinds of tokens and coins. The Pillar wallet will not be tied with any browser, nor to an exchange (option to choose multiple exchanges). 

While the wallet and platform are open-source and free, users will pay for the various services with pillar tokens (PLRs) as they use them. The token will power the entire ecosystem, giving an instant business model to many projects that can tie in.

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