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PinkCoin PinkCoin Ping News

PinkCoin PinkCoin Ping News

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Announcement  Pinkcoin Q&A

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06 August, 2014

PINK Now Listed on Fides Exchange

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21 April, 2020

PinkCoin (PINK) Staking Rewards Calculator

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22 November, 2019

Even though it's a recent submission, Pinkcoin has certainly made its presence felt on our voting list. Can they brake the top ten?

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03 October, 2019

pinkteam The History of Pinkcoin, the Complete 5 Year Sago plus where PINK is going next

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21 September, 2019

Pinkcoin (PINK) Faucets

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12 July, 2019

No updates in 2 months?

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04 July, 2019

Add to your calendar PinkCoin (PINK) event: LiteBit Delistings - June 1, 2019

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03 May, 2019

Paper wallet for Pinkcoin

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17 April, 2019

pinkteam PINK Digital Arts / Meme Contest Update, Contest Extended, Grand Prize now 160,000 PINK

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14 February, 2019

pinkteam Pinkcoin Kicks Off 2019 with Digital Art Contest Featuring a 100k PINK Grand Prize

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31 January, 2019

pinkteam Nearly 50% of Pinkcoin’s Staked Blocks Contain Side-Staked Donation Outputs, Plus More Exciting Network Statistics

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17 January, 2019

Add to your calendar PinkCoin event: Listing on Bisq (Today)

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12 January, 2019

pinkteam CryptoCayce Featured on Not Another Bitcoin Interview

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10 December, 2018

pinkteam Team PINK takes on da’Bears at Voice of Blockchain in Chicago

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24 September, 2018

pinkteam Mandatory Critical Update: v2.2.0.2, Update takes effect at 9/19 at 7am UTC

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17 September, 2018

pinkteam PINK Lights Up the Gaming Scene Launching Headlamp.with.Pink

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06 August, 2018

Sync Wallet

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02 August, 2018

pinkteam The Great Pink Buffalo Holds PINK Fundraiser in Support of Sophie Cornellier

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23 July, 2018

pinkteam PINK Dives into Prestigious Multi-Coin Pool Hosted by Stake United

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20 June, 2018

pinkteam 1,000,000 PINK Anonymously Donated to Donate4Life, Launching New Community Pool

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20 June, 2018

Interview with Danny Johnson of Pinkcoin

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13 June, 2018

pinkteam Pinkcoin is proud to announce our partnership with The Connected Foundation via Elypse

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24 May, 2018

pinkteam PINK Unveils Custom Designed Playing Cards on Shop.With.Pink

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23 May, 2018

Environmental-friendly, ecological, and donating cryptocurrencies (including Pinkcoin)

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09 May, 2018

pinkteam In partnership with @rarebits_io the $PINK collectible trading cards market is official open with the first wave of cards available for collecting. New cards added every week and proceeds go to our charity funds at D4L For more info and to purchase visit:

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20 April, 2018
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PinkCoin (PC) is an X11 coin with a seven day PoW period before switching to being a pure PoS coin with a 1% annual interest rate. There is a hard cap of 380 million coins to be produced and a block time of 30 seconds. There was no premine.

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