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Publica Publica Ping News

Publica Publica Ping News

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Welcome to Publica! Read this first!

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21 April, 2018

New listing: Publica is listed on Optimus exchange!

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16 March, 2020

Announcement post: Publica on Quorum (Side Chain) is here!

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16 March, 2020

I added my book to Publica!

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08 March, 2020

Decided to put my first novel up on Publica! Blue Screen, a young adult SciFi about the end of the world. Can't wait to see how it does, thanks Publica!

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08 February, 2020

Seriously? People aren't going to buy a token to use Publicaio, at most they'll use the native ETH to pay for books.

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10 December, 2019

Publica’s secondary book token exchange is released!

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28 June, 2019

Publica (PBL) is listed on Bilaxy exchange

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25 June, 2019

Publica (PBL) is now available on SwitchDex!

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13 June, 2019

Support Publica in the CoinFalcon Community Vote for listing!

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17 May, 2019

Crypto Confidence Podcast with Publica's author-advisor Sukhi Jutla

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17 May, 2019

Watch our latest Ask-Me-Anything session with Publica's CEO

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02 April, 2019

Publica's Secondary Book Exchange Sneek Peak and More Publica Coverage - Publica Updates - March 8

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18 March, 2019

Development Updates, AMA Announcement and more in Publica Updates - February 22

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26 February, 2019

FIAT Layer Launch and a New Exchange Listing. Read More in Publica Updates - February 8

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11 February, 2019

Publica (PBL) tokens are now listed on Ethershift exchange!

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06 February, 2019

Publica FIAT layer is LIVE!

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01 February, 2019

$4 in 24hr trade volume on Cryptopia

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14 January, 2019

Publica's last update of this year!

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29 December, 2018

I want to sell 80k pbl

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24 December, 2018

Publica AMA coming today - 19.12., 14:00 UTC

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19 December, 2018

Publica was featured in

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11 December, 2018

Publica's Author Advisors' Write-Up of FutureBook 2018

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04 December, 2018

Publica at FutureBook, The Creative Penn, New Books and more in Publica Updates - November 30

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04 December, 2018

Blockchain for Books: What Indie Authors Need to Know

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29 November, 2018

Publica is going to FutureBook 2018 soon! Show your support!

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27 November, 2018
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Publica is a decentralized publishing platform that plans to connect authors and readers. The publica platform will leverage the Ethereum blockchain to create the largest publisher, in which readers can purchase (with READ tokens) access keys for the literary. The content will be stored in a decentralized immutable storage allowing the publisher to have zero inventory and at the same time provide an platform with a variety of literary accessible. 

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