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LAST CHANCE: Please WITHDRAW all your assets from before the end of OCTOBER

27 October, 2019

FINAL REMINDER: Today is your LAST CHANCE to withdraw YOUR ASSETS from

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30 September, 2019

FINAL REMINDER: Today is your last chance to withdraw your assets from

30 September, 2019

EVERYONE must WITHDRAW by TOMORROW. LAST BATCH of email reminders has just been sent. Please CHECK your inbox/spam…

29 September, 2019

EVERYONE must WITHDRAW before END OF SEPTEMBER 2019. Despite MULTIPLE REMINDERS quite a few users have still not wi…

27 September, 2019


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26 September, 2019

Due to SERVICE DISCONTINUATION we would like to ask everyone to withdraw ALL THEIR ASSETS by the end of SEPTEMBER 2…

26 September, 2019

Withdrawals have stalled in the last few days, even though there are still MANY users with SIGNIFICANT assets on ou…

24 September, 2019

A reminder email was just sent out to everyone with assets still on the platform (unless you unsubscribed). Check y…

22 September, 2019

The last two days have been very busy with withdrawals so thank you for taking action so quickly. There are still m…

19 September, 2019

The withdrawals are now unlocked.

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17 September, 2019

The withdrawals are now unlocked. Due to increased volume please allow some extra time for processing. Please do NO…

17 September, 2019

Quick update: everything is going to plan so expect withdrawals to be unlocked tomorrow. We will update you when th…

16 September, 2019

REMINDER: Today (11-Sep-2019) at 23:59 CET is the last chance to change/submit your disinvestment order(s)! Please…

11 September, 2019

Please immediately disinvest all your assets if you haven't already. Tomorrow, 11th September 2019 at 23:59 CET, is the final deadline.

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10 September, 2019

Please immediately disinvest all your assets if you haven't already. Tomorrow 11th September 2019 at 23:59 CET is t…

10 September, 2019

Next dividend distribution

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09 September, 2019

**IMPORTANT/ACTION REQUIRED** We are sorry to announce that effective on 15th September 2019, due to our inability…

03 September, 2019

IMPORTANT/ACTION REQUIRED: RialtoTrade Service Discontinuation

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01 September, 2019

How to manage crypto volatility

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13 August, 2019

IMPORTANT fee change announcement!

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24 June, 2019 Referral/Affiliate Program Launch

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18 June, 2019

Public test of our RialtoTrade instant exchange

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11 June, 2019

New crypto exchange

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11 June, 2019

Major platform update

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25 May, 2019

Don't sell your XRL tokens on ForkDelta below fair value!

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23 May, 2019

See live XRL rates from 20 exchanges

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14 May, 2019

Fair market value of the shares?

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07 April, 2019

AI bot release date

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03 April, 2019

Performance report

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03 April, 2019

Missed on XRL token exchange

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30 March, 2019

Taxes for 2018

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20 March, 2019

Please Rialto, help me to login to my account.

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19 March, 2019

Action Required - XRL token exchange policy

8 Points
13 March, 2019

Anybody looking to buy/sell shares of Rialto ?

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01 March, 2019

TIL: Rialto is hiring Carlos Matos

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01 March, 2019

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27 February, 2019 is now LIVE – RIALTO.AI – Medium

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21 February, 2019
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RIALTO.AI is an arbitrage and market maker in the landscape of cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and blockchain transactions. By providing liquidity and matching orders, RIALTO.AI wants to increase the efficiency of crypto markets, while earning a fraction on every transaction for their supporters.

The utility of RIALTO.AI is carved into the proprietary nature of algorithms and software tools. They help identify trade opportunities, interpret the historical database, find data patterns, and adjust the parameters in real-time.

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