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Save Environment Token Save Environment Token Ping News

Save Environment Token Save Environment Token Ping News

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SET (Save Environment Token) @settoken 1m1 minute ago … Now we are glad to announce that…

27 February, 2019

Key Highlights from Solid Waste Management Project by SET SET gets noticed! Check out the latest press release on…

30 July, 2018

Save the planet, Ride an E-Cycle! Official Website: #Recycle #crowdsale #ICO #Cleantech

26 July, 2018

Public Bike sharing is on the rise, which started out in 4 cities in the start of 2001 has jumped to 855. It’s ende…

25 July, 2018

#SET to Tackle Air Pollution! #SaveEnvironmentToken plans to revolutionize the way pollution is controlled. Their…

25 July, 2018

SOIL- It's more important than you think! To know more visit: #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

24 July, 2018

Don't Trash Our Future. Recycle! The Bounty program is on till November 4th, 2018. For registrations, please foll…

23 July, 2018

Using Plastic Is Going To Be Drastic! The report by WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that only 9% of plast…

23 July, 2018

Be fair, don't pollute the air. Wardwizard Joy E-Bike helps in reducing the carbon footprint by providing a means…

21 July, 2018

Be a part of the SOLUTION not part of the POLLUTION. SET Plans to Install 100,000 Outdoor Air Pollution Controller…

20 July, 2018

SET is a new cryptocurrency Token that addresses today's environmental pollution concerns, climate change effects a…

20 July, 2018

The Bounty program is on till November 4th, 2018. SET invites you to come together for a powerful cause. For regi…

19 July, 2018

A noble cause now gets an upper hand. We are happy to now be featured on #set4earth

18 July, 2018

SET (#SaveEnvironmentToken) is one such platform that offers a multitude of eco-friendly products. Their Public Bik…

18 July, 2018

The SET is a discount Token, which will be used for promoting sales of anti-pollution products and also to create e…

17 July, 2018

The SET Token was created to facilitate global environmental sustainability through innovative product introduction…

17 July, 2018

#SaveEnvironmentToken's team is giving away 1 Million SET Tokens (~$190,000) for Bounty programs. The Bounty progra…

17 July, 2018

Blockchain Interviews with the CEO of SET. Mr. Ravindran Nambiar shares a few words. #SET #SETTokens

13 July, 2018

Save Environment Token, commonly known as SET dedicates its efforts towards saving Humanity from the ill-effects of…

13 July, 2018
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SET addresses today's environmental pollution concerns by reducing the carbon footprint by providing a means of transportation with zero emissions.

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