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Shekel Shekel Ping News

Shekel Shekel Ping News

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Ping from Shekel

Should we switch from POS/MN to an ERC20 Token?

03 January, 2020

RT @The_Blocknet: If a decentralized exchange was or can be shut down, it was never a DX to begin with. For a real DX, trade on @BlockDXEx

03 December, 2019

RT @_mn_o_: Just 24 hours remain in MNO's biggest sale ever! Banners: Listings: Coupon…

03 December, 2019

We will be increasing our block rewards to increase Masternode ROI. More information to come stay tuned.

14 October, 2019

On behalf of the Shekel $JEW team we will be coming back stronger than ever before. Stay tuned for more information.

21 August, 2019

The Jewish Community will come to accept us at some point.

31 July, 2019

RT @PecuniaP: Shekel is a fully decentralized digital currency powered by Masternodes, Proof-of-Stake, and decentralized governance https:/…

12 April, 2019

Please update to Shekel 1.5.0 immediately

09 April, 2019

RT @shekel_coin: Shekel Family, Please make sure to update your wallets by block 620,000. This is a mandatory update to fix the fake stak…

31 March, 2019

Shekel Family, Please make sure to update your wallets by block 620,000. This is a mandatory update to fix the fa…

16 March, 2019

We will be raising our masternode collateral to 100,000 $JEW as a result of our governance proposal. Please stay…

25 February, 2019

Two days remain on our governance proposal. Please stay tuned for updates thank you.

21 February, 2019

After our governance proposal is accepted and we update our codebase you can expect to see Shekel listed on new exc…

14 February, 2019

RT @TradeSatoshi: Tradesatoshi will be having a maintenance today 5, February, 2019 During this maintenance users may not be able to access…

05 February, 2019

Our governance proposal regarding the masternode collateral change is now live! You can use your masternode to vote…

31 January, 2019
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Shekel is a PoS cryptocurrency based on the Quark algorithm.

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