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SingularDTV SingularDTV Ping News

SingularDTV SingularDTV Ping News

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We have evolved. We are Breaker. Join the conversation on our new subreddit.

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31 January, 2019

Community Call Tomorrow 1/31 at 3pm EST

7 Points
31 January, 2019

Upcoming SingularDTV Community Call 1/31 -- Topic: Marketing & Rebrand -- Submit Your Questions Here

14 Points
19 January, 2019

SingularDTV CEO Zach LeBeau quoted in Forbes piece on changing crypto regulations

9 Points
11 January, 2019

If data is the new oil, then why I am still broke?

9 Points
11 January, 2019

SingularDTV community hangout video

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09 January, 2019

Upcoming SingularDTV Team Call with Community - Submit Your Questions Here

12 Points
04 January, 2019

Deadline names "blockchain" one of the film industry trends to watch out for in 2019

8 Points
03 January, 2019

Blockchain Blockbusters: SingularDTV And The Promise Of A Blockchain Studio

17 Points
22 December, 2018

If you use Metamask to buy SNGLS and receive "nonce too low" error, this 2 minute guide and video shows you how to fix it.

1 Points
13 December, 2018

CEO of SingularDTV, Zach LeBeau, Talks Crypto Crash

20 Points
06 December, 2018

Why the “Crypto Crash” Has Solidified My Faith in Ethereum

16 Points
06 December, 2018

Why Wilt Chamberlain Is Not On Spotify

12 Points
15 November, 2018

Live Discord Chat - Today at 1pm EST

7 Points
15 November, 2018

Live Discord Chat w/ G. Thomas Esmay, Tomorrow - November 14th 1pm EST/6pm UTC.

12 Points
14 November, 2018

A 30 Min AMA on DISCORD?

9 Points
14 November, 2018

SingularDTV Answers the Community?

8 Points
14 November, 2018

Bittrex International Token Listing: Free, Fast and Committed to Compliance

2 Points
10 November, 2018

"Trust Machine" has been submitted for Feature Documentary consideration for the 91st Academy Awards.

17 Points
10 November, 2018

The Encyclopedia of SingularDTV Everything you need to know about the Blockchain Entertainment Studio and Decentralized Entertainment Economy

10 Points
09 November, 2018

Singulardtv- This is perhaps the only project in the Blockchain Ecosystem which has a working product and the makers of the product cannot explain what this project and what have they made. They start with one thing and end somewhere else and hardly anyone know what is going on.

4 Points
08 November, 2018

There's a request on Bittrex to readd SNGLS-market

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07 November, 2018

Free professional level day trading course (Videos hosted by myself / Crypto Markets) NOW AVAILABLE!

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05 November, 2018

Value of the token

14 Points
02 November, 2018

SingularDTV’s Commitment to Journalistic Integrity, Civil’s Success and Breaker Mag

18 Points
01 November, 2018
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SingularDTV (S-DTV) is a decentralized and tokenized content creating and distributing platform that will create, acquire and distribute film and television content in an innovative way, generating revenue for its token holders in a completely transparent and decentralized manner.

SNGLS are tokens built on Ethereum and represent a share in the SingularDTV platform, which is comprised of four key elements:

‘SINGULAR’ – a mini Sci-fi television series about decentralization and technological advancements in a futuristic setting, comprised of 3 episode seasons.

The S-DTV DOCUMENTARY DIVISION - A Documentary Division that will focus on producing documentary films about blockchain technology.

THE S-DTV RIGHTS MANAGEMENT PLATFORM - A digital rights, revenue and royalty management platform for all the content produced and acquired by SingularDTV.

THE S-DTV TRANSACTION VIDEO-ON-DEMAND (TVOD) PORTAL - A TVOD Portal to distribute SingularDTV content via GooglePlay, AppleTV iTunes, and Vimeo.

SNGLS tokens will also generate dividends for its holders, depending on the revenue gathered by the SingularDTV platform. 1 Billion SNGLS tokens will be issued, which will be distributed in the following way:

500M SNGLS will be distributed to investors in an initial coin offering period. Each token will cost the ETH equivalent of $0.015.

400M SNGLS will be kept in a vault, and the dividends generated by the tokens will be used to further develop the S-DTV ecosystem.

100M SNGLS will be given to S-DTV's core investors.

The Vault where 400M tokens are kept will be managed by the Workshop. The Workshop will not only spend and convert ETH to build new projects or to work on existing ones, but it will also collect cryptocurrency and fiat revenue to deposit back in the safe.


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