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Starbase Starbase Ping News

Starbase Starbase Ping News

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Megathread  Community Advertising and Recruitment Megathread (Dec 2019 - Feb 2020)

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02 December, 2019

Developer Response Star base finalization?

18 Points
27 January, 2020


101 Points
23 January, 2020

Can it be played?

0 Points
22 January, 2020

Developer Response Multiplayer aspect of the game

2 Points
21 January, 2020

Question Is there a push to talk?

17 Points
21 January, 2020

Community What should we put in our Discord FAQ?

10 Points
21 January, 2020

Question Why starbase Vs Other games similar?

25 Points
19 January, 2020

Question Is it possible to refine fuel or process ore on your own ship?

7 Points
17 January, 2020

Video Found this small YouTuber doing Starbase videos. I'm in no way related to him, just really like the content so I think he deserves a push in publicity.

34 Points
17 January, 2020

Developer Response Do you have any idea when the game will come out?

38 Points
13 January, 2020

Suggestion I really hope they add planet colonization at some point!

28 Points
10 January, 2020

Design Firefly Carrier-Launched Light Fighter Features Ad (Reupload)

52 Points
10 January, 2020

Question Make or Break - How good will AI Controlled Turrets / Missiles be?

22 Points
04 January, 2020

Creative The Firefly Light Fighter Ad Series

32 Points
04 January, 2020

Design A video of the ship I designed

68 Points
01 January, 2020

Suggestion Hyperspase

18 Points
30 December, 2019

[Update on Starbase 2.0] We are delighted to confirm that we will be going ahead with setting up our exchange and w…

26 December, 2019

Question May have been answered before...

14 Points
25 December, 2019

Developer Response Leaning in starbase kind of like in rainbow six siege, This could make watch corners and other things easier

34 Points
19 December, 2019

Question Question about mining lasers

24 Points
17 December, 2019

Suggestion Randomly Generated Stuff

19 Points
12 December, 2019

Question When can I play?

40 Points
09 December, 2019

Video Starbase Community Faction Interview - Republic

18 Points
06 December, 2019

Developer Response Starbase Arena: Bot Wars!

24 Points
04 December, 2019

Video Starbase Community Faction Interview - The Grey Legion - Cinematic

6 Points
03 December, 2019

Lore Will live forever in infamy...

78 Points
03 December, 2019

*Update* After a lengthy process to vet and validate plans, We are taking action to ramp up to our Roadmap 2.0. I…

26 November, 2019

Dear all, Please report the two fraudulent channels, to abuse@…

26 November, 2019

[URGENT UPDATE ON SPOOF ACCOUNTS AND FAKE AIRDROPS] It has come to our attention that there have been multiple sca…

25 November, 2019

[#Starbase Roadmap 2.0] We're back with exciting news on the progress of setting up our very own…

11 September, 2019

Check out our suite of new features we've developed on our Youtube playlist: - Uniswap Exchange - Project Rating…

10 September, 2019

With #bitcoin and other major #crypto dipping, now may be a good time to buy #STAR low and stake #STAR for higher r…

29 August, 2019

Stake STAR for RBSG tokens on #Starbase and stand a chance to earn discounts up to 80% off RBSG's market price of 5…

29 August, 2019

[PROJECT UPDATE] @RebisPro 's stake sale on #Starbase has been launched! Stake STAR tokens to earn discounts on…

22 August, 2019

[NEW FEATURE] Our development team is completing the final stages of QA for the Escrow Service feature on the…

20 August, 2019
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