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Starbase Starbase Ping News

Starbase Starbase Ping News

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Frozenbyte Developer  Developer Response  Starbase - New Features Trailer 2020

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30 January, 2020

Megathread  Community Advertising and Recruitment Megathread (Sep 2020 - Nov 2020)

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02 September, 2020 Sub Meta For those who dont follow progress notes we made an Unofficial roadmap with Mr.Extinct

0 Points
23 September, 2020 Image Peace was never an option. by @XenoCow

63 Points
23 September, 2020

Video Edelweiss as mining platform

30 Points
22 September, 2020

News Week 38 News - Player Stations, New Asteroid Belt, New Ships!

26 Points
22 September, 2020 Image NIKO. by @Mr.Extinct

84 Points
21 September, 2020 Video Even banana can die. But when it does it is majestic

61 Points
20 September, 2020

Discussion Frozenbyte Games Bundle on sale 79% off, while we wait for Starbase

47 Points
20 September, 2020

Image Well, here's another ship. I tried making it much smaller this time. As you can see, the cockpit could maybe fit at most 3 people. I'm still not 100% sure about the shape of the engines. But I think I got the overall look right. Hope you enjoy this one too!

6 Points
18 September, 2020 Image New mega asteroid and fog ring concept are in the game now.

103 Points
18 September, 2020

CA Tester Video New video! This one includes explosions!

24 Points
16 September, 2020

News Week 37 News - Release Update, Mining Laser Changes, Dev Ship Fixes!

30 Points
15 September, 2020

Developer Response How do I get early access for this game, if possible?

4 Points
15 September, 2020 Image Mining lasers are in the game now. Made by @Marki

184 Points
14 September, 2020

Design Made a ship using the new mining lasers. It has room in the back for 4 passengers and is called John. John is a fleet miner and requires a main ship to hold the ore it mines

87 Points
14 September, 2020

News A bit overdue but last months player community and political recap

32 Points
12 September, 2020 Video Long gone are the days of paper trailer ships. Long like the oninum bests!

35 Points
11 September, 2020

Video Hyperprism/cube Ship Design Timelapse

36 Points
10 September, 2020

Video Bad Ship Design Or New Ship Feature?!

27 Points
10 September, 2020

Video Cargo Gunship (Well No) PT2 [Starbase]

7 Points
09 September, 2020

News Week 36 News - Explosive Drill, Large Crates, Radiation Detector!

37 Points
08 September, 2020 Video Never seen footage of music device. Its not really done. But who does not want the ship to Meow at him when you open the doors. :D

68 Points
08 September, 2020

News Starbase Progress Notes: Week 36 (2020)

2 Points
08 September, 2020

Suggestion Starbase pls add these enemies/weapons (shredder drones)

0 Points
07 September, 2020

Image Humphrey is fully functional and flies. Unfortunately I couldn't finish all the plating because the voxel limit is too low

113 Points
07 September, 2020

Image Alligator-M from the videogame Star Conflict. I used the beams and thrusters from the Starbase. But since I don't really know how big they are, I can't tell if this would be a big ship, or a small fighter. Hope you guys like this one too!

39 Points
07 September, 2020
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