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Can the ingenious way these 35-ton bricks are used to store energy solve renewable energy’s biggest problem? It's c…

07 December, 2018

Build A Bridge, Not A Wall: US Companies Have Renewable Energy Opportunities In Mexico. Read more here:…

06 December, 2018

Study shows: Renewable Energy increasingly more economically viable than "cheap" coal. Read more here:…

05 December, 2018

Renewable Energy is surging, but not fast enough to stop global warming.

04 December, 2018

The old way power is supplied to the grid is becoming outdated. Time for a redesign. Read more here:

03 December, 2018

Can the ingenious way these 35-ton bricks are used to store energy solve renewable energy’s biggest problem? It's c…

29 November, 2018

Transcendence Drives Socially Valuable Sustainability Projects on the Blockchain

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28 November, 2018

QLD government offers battery grants and loans to win over homeowners to renewable energy.

28 November, 2018

Google and Amazon are Among the Big Tech Companies Are Driving Demand For Renewable Energy.

27 November, 2018

US energy market to test trading renewables using blockchain

26 November, 2018

Discover how Austria is giving electric vehicle owners a huge advantage on the road.

26 November, 2018

Coca-Cola will cut its grid power usage in AU by 14%, which translates to savings up to $1.3 million. Another win f…

22 November, 2018

Chile, a country heavily dependent on imported fuels, has become the land of opportunities for renewable energy.

21 November, 2018

Enter Hydrogen Power. AU will soon power homes with hydrogen in a five-year trial that scientists say could open th…

20 November, 2018

Designing and building energy-efficient and energy-smart buildings is important. Here's why:

19 November, 2018

Wondering what Renewable Energy stocks to invest in? We have got you covered.

18 November, 2018

The results are in: Majority of Americans Want Cleaner Energy From Renewable Sources.

17 November, 2018

The more, the merrier! It's Not Just Facebook and Google Buying Clean Power Anymore. See which businesses are now f…

16 November, 2018

Test reveals how far electric cars can REALLY travel on a full charge. Get the details here.

15 November, 2018

Awesome news!

14 November, 2018

Read the latest article on the Transcendence Network blog.

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07 July, 2018

Want to know more about the Mugga Lane Solar Park, which is operated by Maoneng Group, the organisation behind Transcendence? Watch this!

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05 July, 2018

First article on the Transcendence Network blog, written by Simon Corbell, our Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Advisor.

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04 July, 2018

Nasdaq is already writing about us!

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03 July, 2018
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