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Vexanium Vexanium Ping News

Vexanium Vexanium Ping News

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Vexanium dalam panel diskusi Talk Blockchain, bersama Kedubes dan Kemenlu #Blockchain #Vexanium

12 December, 2019

Hi Vex Partners! Tomorrow is the time for Blockchain 2020! There will be tons of speakers, including our CEO, Dann…

11 December, 2019

[BP Showcase: @honestmining] Hi VEX Partners! This is the fifth Vexanium BP showcase, featuring Honest Mining. Re…

09 December, 2019

[#Vexanium Through Others] Pandu Sastrowardoyo (@MbakPandu), Senior Consulting Partner of Blocksphere and Supervis…

04 December, 2019

[Dapps Incentive Program 2019] Hi VEX Partners! Here are the details for Dapps Incentive Program 2019 Phase One.…

03 December, 2019

RT @honestmining: About last Thursday, our CEO, @lawrencegs together with Mr. @dannytaniwan from @cryptowatchID and Mr. #RheinMahatma from…

02 December, 2019

[#Vexanium Monthly Highlight 2019] Hi Vex Partners! It's hard to believe that 30 days just went by in a flash! Let…

30 November, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Day dear Vex Partners! #Vexanium #Thanksgiving #Celebration

29 November, 2019

RT @honestmining: Start Stake $VEX on Honest Mining now! Get 5% annual yield with a minimum 2000 $VEX, Stake with us now and start growing…

28 November, 2019

RT @honestmining: @vexanium It's a wrap! our AMA Session with @vexanium, congratulations to all the quiz winner, our team will contact you…

28 November, 2019

Mahasiwa dapat menggunakan #Vexanium untuk membuat aplikasi berbasis blockchain untuk industri pertanian di Indones…

26 November, 2019

RT @Digitalogi: Hadir yuk di Acara @KalibrrID bekerjasama dengan @BinaDigiBangsa Belajar bareng @DannyTaniwan dari @CryptoWatchID #Rhei

25 November, 2019

Hi Vex Partners! We will launch our latest Dapps called Premium Name Bidding on 27th of November 2019. Read furth…

22 November, 2019

[Vexanium x @honestmining AMA Session] Don't forget to mark your calendar and join the AMA sessions with Vexanium…

22 November, 2019

RT @honestmining: Coming soon @vexanium ( $VEX)to Honest Mining Platform, stay tuned to our social media and telegram group! #listing #Hone

21 November, 2019

[#Vexanium Through Others] Dr. Edi Prio Pambudi, an Expert Staff for Economic Relations and Maritime Affairs said…

21 November, 2019

Teknologi blockchain #Vexanium untuk memperkuat sektor pertanian di Indonesia. #blockchain #Nodesblockchainsummit

21 November, 2019

[Nodes Blockchain Summit 2019] Blockchain technology, usability, and various blockchain information were discussed…

20 November, 2019

Mengetahui lebih dalam tentang sayembara Dapp #Vexanium #Blockchain #Dapps

19 November, 2019

A glimpse of us from @honestmining ! "Vexanium, Blockchain for DApps and Retail Penetration in Indonesia"

19 November, 2019
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VEXANIUM is a decentralized marketing ecosystem. Utilizing blockchain technology, it builds an online marketplace that allows merchants to tokenize their rewards and promote their products efficiently.

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