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WomenCoin WomenCoin Ping News

WomenCoin WomenCoin Ping News

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Ping from WomenCoin

All exchanges have moved to the new chain (except for Yobit). Download the new Women wallet over here:…

21 August, 2018

New wallet release for Windows and Mac - Now also visible on our website: Windows:…

14 August, 2018

Women Coin Mac Wallet! For all Mac users we finally have our Mac wallet. It has been test…

16 March, 2018

Hi guys, thanks alot for the great response. What we need now is some testers with an older Mac os who can also tes…

14 March, 2018

We are searching for some testers for our Brand new Mac wallet. Contact us for the download information. #macwallet #womenmacwallet

13 March, 2018

Women coin is a big supporter of International Women's day. Time is Now, let's change the world!…

08 March, 2018

Hello Guys, thanks a lot for the quite massive participation within our Discord chat Contest. All coins will be sen…

01 March, 2018

Hello Friends, our Discord bounty is going to end within several hours! So check out our discord chat now and earn…

28 February, 2018

Women coin is back, stronger then ever! New users can earn 15 Women coins, by entering the Walletprintscreen contes…

27 February, 2018

Hello all, As you've all seen the BTC price is sky high, the women price looks a bit more stable. But i suggest we…

04 December, 2017

We made a Donation! Dear women supporters, we have donated 1.250.000 DOTS, that's more than the half of what we nee…

02 December, 2017

Hello all! Slap us in the face, We missed the Airdrop within our Discord. Luckily a lot of community members starte…

29 November, 2017

Do you want to get free #womencoins ? Check out our discord for the airdrop! Trade Women…

24 November, 2017

Huge News! We were asked to double all DOTS donations to get listed at #Cryptopia. We went around with the Hat with…

15 November, 2017

Whoopwhoop our website is ready: we hope you like it! The website address is still the same…

14 November, 2017

Hello everyone, first of all we want to say thank you for the great support you all are giving us. We wanted to let…

14 November, 2017
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WomenCoin is a PoW/PoS hybrid cryptocurrency based on the Scrypt algorithm.

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