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Zeepin Zeepin Ping News

Zeepin Zeepin Ping News

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ZeeWallet download and Token Swap Tutorial – Zeepin

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22 September, 2018

CryptoGalaxy 3.0 / Combat Galaxy Release - January 20th 12PM SG time

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19 January, 2020

The long awaited annual report has been published Looks like a promising year for #Zeepin with lots of work ahead…

10 January, 2020


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19 October, 2019

Zeepin Coin review (English version) | CryptoBenelux

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24 September, 2019

Zeepin Coin review (NL) | CryptoBenelux

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12 September, 2019

Beauty lovers must see

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12 September, 2019

Announcement of GOLD Value And Independence of CryptoGalaxy Project

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04 September, 2019

RT @TheHubGalaxy: When #game assets are tokenized, consumable, minable and tradable! ️

04 September, 2019

CryptoGalaxy graduated from Zeepin community - Announcement

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20 August, 2019

Going forward, #Zeepin will be entirely focusing on unfinished promise of delivering ZeeSeries dApp and the empower…

19 August, 2019

RT @TheHubGalaxy: We are giving away 1 planet worth $1699 to one of the participants who comment, like and retweet!

12 August, 2019

CRYPTO GALAXY - Crypto & Games - Upcoming Giveaway Warz

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25 July, 2019

RT @KuCoinUpdates: KuCoin has distributed all GALA for ZPT holders for the month of June. Users can check their accounts by going to Assets…

22 July, 2019

RT @TheHubGalaxy: ️ We are now on @Cryptoandgamers ! Ready for #crypto pieces hunt in #btc #eth #usdt and more? Givaway coming up with $Ga…

19 July, 2019

ZEEPIN CHAIN Announcement — Native Assets Unlock and Distribution

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12 July, 2019

On July 15th, 10% of $ZPT and $GALA supply will be unlocked in order to support the further growth and development…

12 July, 2019

Second Round of Zeepin Chain Masternodes Election - rules, details and instructions

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10 July, 2019

Check out the details: rules, mechanism, setup requirements and documentation for @ZeepinChain masternodes election…

08 July, 2019

RT @TheHubGalaxy: #CryptoGalaxy V 2.0.9 is now live! Join us for exploring #crypto space, planet hunt and more! $BTC $ETH $USDT #blockchain

08 July, 2019

RT @ZeepinChain: Reddit AMA 2019.06.19 Join us for our "Ask me Anything" session with #Zeepin CEO @imZhuFei Happening on Reddit /r/ZEE…

21 June, 2019

Reddit AMA 2019.06.20 Day 1st We got 4 responses so far. Post your question now and Chance to Earn 1000 Gala…

20 June, 2019

ZEEPIN AMA with CEO Zhu Fei | July 1st | Ask us Anything

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19 June, 2019

Reddit AMA 2019.06.19 Join us for our "Ask me Anything" session with #Zeepin CEO @imZhuFei Happening on Reddit…

19 June, 2019

ZeeWallet 4.0 Upgrade Announcement @ZeepinChain Another step towards fully decentralized Wallet, Current Zeewalle…

13 June, 2019

Check out Zeepin's Biweekly Report May 17-31 2019. @ZeepinChain Development, #Zeepin Series dApps and…

12 June, 2019

Spaceship Pieces Hunt is on its way! More planets will be released in June

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06 June, 2019 invitaion code

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04 June, 2019

Server back on for @TheHubGalaxy. Governance voting and chain bug have been fixed and running on mainnet. #Zeepin

30 May, 2019

RT @TheHubGalaxy: Dear CG Explorers, We have a "Explorer of the Week" for May 20-25. Congrats "" To be con…

27 May, 2019

Come Join my alliance

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23 May, 2019

Check out what's been progressing in our @ZeepinChain development, #Zeepin Series dApps and @TheHubGalaxy $ZPT…

17 May, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrating all the amazing and loving mothers out there! @ZeepinChain Warm wishes and ha…

12 May, 2019

RT @TheHubGalaxy: Congrats Winners!! The Answer was CG 4.0 Plz DM us your wallet Address @Zellerftw @othayusjack @Zillabytes @UDska

07 May, 2019

CrytoGalaxy V2.0.6 — An era of origin begins!

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01 May, 2019

CG account migration explained <1.6.3 to 2.0.x - SECURITY RISK

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26 April, 2019

Can someone send me some gala so I can send my zpt to a exchange?

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24 April, 2019

Virtual Universe CryptoGalaxy is now officially published on Google Play, Get it Now

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18 April, 2019

Can’t Login

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14 April, 2019

Zeepin CryptoGalaxy Bounty Annoucement

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11 April, 2019

ExCharge system?

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05 April, 2019

Galaxy Node Vote withdrawal issue resolved - How to withdraw my votes

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04 April, 2019

CryptoGalaxy bug fix report and instructions

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04 April, 2019

Here's why i lost faith in this project.

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02 April, 2019

Zeepin Chain V0.2.1 Update ANN

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14 March, 2019
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