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ZoneCoin ZoneCoin Ping News

ZoneCoin ZoneCoin Ping News

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Ping from ZoneCoin

#Zonecoin can no longer be #mined! Competition results and more on PoS can be found at

14 September, 2016

#PoW has now ended on #Zonecoin. Withdraw all funds and ensure you start staking them! Visit for more information

14 September, 2016

There are just 1,000 PoW blocks remaining. PoW ends tomorrow so be sure to mine the last 1000 blocks out for an increased #ZNE supply!

13 September, 2016

We are proud to announce the release of the #Zonecoin Mac OS X Wallet! You can now download the #NEW OS X #Wallet at

12 September, 2016

Have you got your #Zonecoin wallet yet? If not time is running out! #PoW ends in less than 7,000 blocks!!

11 September, 2016

Are you ready for #Zonecoin moving from PoW to PoS? We hope so because its due to happen in 4 days time!

10 September, 2016

There are less than 10,000 blocks remaining before PoW ends. Ensure you mine out the last blocks as PoW wont return! #Zonecoin #cryptocoin

10 September, 2016

#Zonecoin has a new forum :) Come and join us to discuss the way forward!

07 September, 2016

RT @loomdart: My nan said buy zonecoin

05 September, 2016

We've released our Mission! Come and join us and see our vision!

04 September, 2016

The #Zonecoin Dev team are looking for testimonials. Check here for instructions:

03 September, 2016

Thank you for the add @Cryptopia_NZ . Be nice to see Zonecoin (ZNE) on your exchange at some point too :)

31 August, 2016

New block explorer available at "New features include Rich List, Address Search & Exchange information

30 August, 2016

Have you met Sally? If not, Come meet her. She'll be around on the website from next week :)

29 August, 2016

Always download the #Zonecoin wallet from our website or GitHub Repository! Our wallets dont have viruses!

27 August, 2016
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ZoneCoin is a Proof of Work/Proof of Stake cryptocurrency that uses the Scrypt Algorithm. It has a 64 second blocktime and 10% yearly staking rewards.

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