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XPAND is a great stable token

XPAND is a great stable token



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 Token  Waves

Written By: Angry Panda
Date Reviewed: 16 November 2019
Angry Panda Rated XPAND
XPAND (XPAND) Over all Rating:
Excellent Overall Rating 5/5
Angry Panda Wrote:
XPAND is a stablecoin providing fast, cheap and secure ways to send payments through the Waves blockchain. Being stable, it can be used for pairing and to facilitate trading.

- A stablecoin pegged to the U.S. Dollar that allows a 10% price fluctuation: min 1,000$ (refund price) and max 1,100$ fixed by a large sell order set to prevent higher prices.
- Thanks to that, it gives greater security and confidence to investors by protecting them against significant losses of value during the bear markets and other inherent risks in investing in cryptocurrencies (i.e. pump and dump).
- It provides fast, cheap and secure ways to send money or make payments, thus facilitates and encourages the daily use of cryptocurrencies.
- It is also a sponsored token on Waves DEX, thus you can use it to pay transaction fees for transfers with Waves and any other Waves based tokens.
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Sorry this is not listed at any exchange with us ! Exchanges information is updated automatically so stay tuned to check updated information.
Alternatively you can request exchange integration
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